How to Market Your Luxury Products?

Marketing plays a large role in business. It’s a consistent part of growing and scaling your business that has to consistently happen. Besides having great luxury products, solid luxury branding, and a vision. You need to actively share your brand message to reach your target audience.

This is why it’s important to understand how to market your luxury products in an effective way that grabs attention and inspires people to take action to buy. 

Inside, I’m going to be breaking down the areas you need to focus on so that you can make the most of your marketing efforts. 

Whether you have a team or will be running your marketing on your own it’s important to understand the best approach to reaching more high-end and affluent customers.

So let’s start by making sure you understand what luxury consumers want.

Understand What High end & Luxury Consumers Want

High end & luxury consumers have a different mindsets when it comes to shopping. They will give preference to quality versus price and want to truly invest in something that is exceptional. 

Understanding the foundational insights as to why a luxury consumer makes a purchase is essential in helping you approach your marketing.

This will ensure that you aren’t positioning your products in a manner that is a complete turnoff to your ideal buyer. 

Now that you know a little more about what luxury consumers want it’s time to integrate that information with your ideal buyer profile.

How to Market Your Luxury Products?

Know Who Is Your Ideal Buyer

When you created your brand I’m sure you had an ideal buyer in mind and possibly more than one. Like with any business it’s important to focus on at least one core customer.

As this will help you strengthen your marketing message and make it easy for your ideal customers to identify that you are speaking directly to them.

Often a mistake can occur when we as a business market to a broad range of customers. Believing that the wider we cast our nets the more customers we’ll attract. 

In most cases, speaking too generally can cause people to wonder if you are speaking directly to them. Which can lead to them not taking action at all because we weren’t specific enough. 

So review your ideal buyer profile and make sure that it’s clear, concise, and consistent. Then ensure that it infuses what luxury buyers want from companies they invest in.

If you need additional resources for understanding customer buying check out

Choose a Marketing Method That Will Reach Luxury Consumers

Once you’ve narrowed in on the needs of your ideal customers it’s now time to evaluate which marketing methods will attract luxury buyers to your business.

It’s important to note that typically a luxury or high-end buyers love to research brands before they invest. Knowing that, think about what behaviors someone who is researching would take. Let’s explore some examples.

Before buying, a luxury customer may

  • Go to Google to see what information comes up about your brand & products. 
  • They may search their favorite social media platforms to check out your online presence. 
  • While traveling they may come across your products in select stores.

Depending on where your ideal customers are spending their time you’ll want to make sure you are showing up in those areas. 

Ways to Market Your Luxury Brand

First decide if you want to venture into paid media, organic, or both. A lot of this will depend on whether you have a team, are doing this solo and of course your budget. 

There are multiple ways to market your business from

  • Producing written content via a blog.
  • Creating video content to spotlight your products.
  • Being active on social media.
  • Running ads about your business to a select market.
  • Leveraging the power of email marketing to turn visitors into customers.

It’s important to note that whichever method you choose to market your luxury products you need to be consistent. And, unless you have a team to help market your brand my suggestion would be to focus on one marketing method at first. Once you have that in a solid position start to explore other avenues.

Also, remember to choose a marketing platform and method based on where your ideal buyers are showing up. That way you aren’t putting in a lot of effort to get little to no reach. 

Other Ways to Market Your Luxury Brand

Besides exploring paid and organic methods of marketing there are also other ways you can reach a more affluent buyer and that is through strategic partnerships.

Strategic partnerships are relationships you build with those who have access to the audience you want to get in front of. For example, influencers or socialites who regularly engage with those who love to buy luxury goods. 

This works because they have already built up a reputation of trust with their audience. Practically anything they recommend will be taken seriously. 

A note about building relationships, not that you wouldn’t do this. But I recommend building a genuine relationship with those you want to partner with. No one wants to be social climbed just to use their audience. So look around at who you are currently engaging with because you enjoy their brand and reach out and see if there is an authentic connection.

Relationships can go a long way in helping you to establish and increase your reach with your ideal customers.

Position Your Luxury Products As The Best Option

Now that you have some marketing methods to explore it’s important to position your luxury products as the best option. 

You may be thinking what is positioning?

Positioning is when you differentiate your brand from others in your market. 

It often happens via the type of messaging you put out there in your marketing. Having solid positioning will allow your ideal customers to understand why you’re different. 

For example, Tiffany & Co positions its jewelry as elegant and romantic. Their brand showcases a lot of storytelling and often partners with A-list celebrities to reinforce their message.

Even though there are a lot of jewelry brands out there. Tiffany’s has always positioned itself as top-tier, helping its brand stand out in a saturated market. Plus Tiffany’s has been able to main itself as a timeless brand that easily flows through generation after generation.

Think of your own business, how well are you positioned in your industry? Is there anything you can adjust in your messaging to help your ideal customers clearly understand your difference?

How to Market Your Luxury Products?

Even though there are a lot of jewelry brands out there. Tiffany’s has always positioned itself as top-tier, helping its brand stand out in a saturated market. Plus Tiffany’s has been able to main itself as a timeless brand that easily flows through generation after generation.

Think of your own business, how well are you positioned in your industry? Is there anything you can adjust in your messaging to help your ideal customers clearly understand your difference?

Provide A Great Shopping Experience

Part of marketing is also providing a great shopping experience. Attracting the right audience to your business doesn’t just stop there. Now that they are interested in learning more about your brand it’s time to cultivate and convert is what I love to say. 

50% of consumers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand. (Top Design Firms, 2021)


Cultivating the right experience is about providing an environment that is inviting, easy to navigate, and memorable. This is where the experience of your website plays an important role. Remember beyond having a great product you also need to cultivate the type of experience that will encourage people to stay and be excited to buy. 

Here are some questions to think about

  • Does your website work effectively to convey your message and encourage action? 
  • Does your website resonate with a luxury consumer’s desire to buy?
  • Does your website stand out in your industry?

After cultivating the type of experience that your customers want it’s important to make sure your experiences are also designed to convert. Allowing you to maximize the amount of traffic and attention you get to your business.

For example, if you are marketing on social media you’ll want to encourage people to go to your website and look at your products, and checkout. 

Think of the steps that your customers must take to get to that final destination. You’ll want to eliminate or reduce any friction that would prevent them from getting to the checkout page. 

An example of friction could be asking for too much information at checkout. Instead, only ask for enough information to help them get their order. You can ask them later to finish setting up their account for any special rewards or VIP access options you may offer.

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Continue to Nurture Relationships

Maintaining a relationship is just as or even more important as it is to acquire it. Looking at all the effort and resources you put into acquiring a new customer. It’s important to make sure you don’t treat them as another transaction. 

Meaning it’s time to nurture your customers after they purchase so you can turn them into repeat buyers. Often when we as consumers enjoy a product we like to buy it again. Your products should produce the same outcome. 

How do you continue to nurture a relationship with your customers?

A recommended way that has proven to have the best results is email marketing. It’s one of the owned marketing methods you have for your business. Meaning no algorithms stepping in to block how you engage with those on your list. 

With the advances in technology, you can now add a lot of personalization to your email marketing helping you to elevate how your customers interact and engage with your business. 

Once you have people on your list use that as an opportunity to nurture and build a stronger relationship with them by sending regular communication that helps keep your business top of mind. 

As a luxury brand owner, marketing your products is different from those of a different price point and sometimes industry. While luxury brands are more diverse now than ever it’s important to remember the mindset of those buying your products. 

Having a solid strategy to cultivate, connect and convert your audience will go a long way in helping you to build your brand authority and have a timeless business. 

I hope you found these insights helpful. For additional insights into creating an amazing experience. Download the complimentary guide below on 7 Facets to a Successful Luxury Experience.

How to Market Your Luxury Products?

I’m Karen, the founder, and eCommerce Expert behind The May Creative. Where I help modern luxury brands build more brand loyalty and increase product sales on Shopify. Connect to learn more about working together. Or check out the other articles below and listen to the podcast for additional resources on growing and scaling your business.


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