How To Keep People On Your Blog Longer

Having a blog has a ton of benefits, it can really help you stand out in your industry. With that being said you want to make sure readers are getting all the awesome value you are providing. As an amazing resource for your audience you want to keep them on your blog longer.

Don’t worry I will be sharing some tips to help people see your valuable blog content. That way new and existing readers can absorb all your awesomeness!

Let’s jump in!

1 | Be of Value

Whatever you choose to write about make sure its valuable to your audience. Some questions I like to ask myself prior to writing a post are:

  • What problem is this going to solve?
  • Who is this going to be valuable to the most?
  • Is it easy to understand?
  • How long will this take people to implement? Especially if its a tutorial.
  • Does this question get asked a lot?

Using these questions has helped me to blog write content that is valuable to my readers. If someone is taking the time to read your post, make sure its worth it.

2| Content Rich

Now that you have your value topic, you want to make sure your content is rich. Meaning its meaty enough to solve the problem or ignite an idea. There should be gems sprinkled throughout your posts. If you reference something that you discussed maybe in an earlier post that is related. Link to it so that people know that there is more information that will help. If you do podcasts make sure you link your podcast audio for people to listen to as they work.

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Video is also a great content-rich resource especially if you are helping people solve a problem. One of my most popular posts is How to Add No Follow Links In Squarespace. Not only did I share screenshots and written content I also recorded a video to help people the that need a visual walk-through.

This has led to people staying on my site longer because they need to walk-through steps and really implement my recommendations to achieve an outcome.

3 | Related Posts

We chatted about value and making sure you are providing meaty content. You can definitely link related content throughout your blog post. Another area I highly recommend you shout out related content is at the end of your posts. If you are using WordPress you can use a plugin or just add links.  What this does is keep your readers on your site longer by encouraging them to continue reading other articles on your site. Maybe you have a series that is part of your post. If your reader happens to land on part 2 of your series make sure to link parts 1 & 3. That way they get the maximum benefit.

Another location you can link amazing posts is in your sidebar. If you have a sidebar use it to highlight your most popular posts or content you want people to learn more about. Make sure it stands out so that it easily catches people’s attention.

4| Get It Seen

You put in all this work to create some epic content. Don’t just share it once and forget it! Put it in front of your audience and repurpose it in various ways. Share it on Pinterest, I love using Tailwind plus I love Tailwind Tribes (you can sign up for Design Tribe – which is for designers here). Talk about it on Instagram, share it in some Facebook groups. If you love Twitter share it there. When someone asks a question that you wrote an article about send them the link. It saves them time and you time.

Use a content calendar to make sure you are sharing your post beyond when its first released. There are plenty of tools out there to use such as Smarterqueue. Driving traffic to your site will help readers interact with your other content and help them get a better understanding of who you are.

5| Consistently Write

I can’t say this enough…Be Consistent. Whether you write once a week or 5 times a week be consistent. One your audience will appreciate it and it will build an expectancy. Two Google will love you because it knows you are providing valuable content, which will help you rank better in SEO. Who doesn’t want better SEO?

Figure out what works best for you and stick to it, plan ahead and batch write if you have to. If writing is not your thing you could also use guest writers occasionally to supplement.

Overall keeping readers on your blog longer will help you position yourself better as an authority in your industry. Leading to increase trust and shared traffic to your site. The benefits of being seen as an industry leader is enormous to your site and business. This, of course, will take time to implement so do not expect a dramatic difference if you are consistent for just one week. I know we are the “I want it now” peeps but we have to also understand things take time to flourish. Accept that and you will have the game locked!

Keeping readers on your blog longer is simple you just have to be willing to do the work to make it happen. As with anything in life. So find your groove and make it happen!

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