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How to Grow Your Email List as a High-end eCommerce Business

If you listened to my last episode on how to choose an eCommerce email platform for your online store, then here is the follow-up to that episode. Today, I’m going over how to grow your email list as a Luxury brand.

Email marketing gives you that 1:1 connection with your audience who has given you permission to communicate with them. But how do you even attract the right customers to join your email list so they become buyers?

Let’s go over some tips you can implement to help you have an email list of people who are excited to buy.

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Episode Transcript

Email list growth as a luxury brand is a juicy topic. Because the quality of the people on your list will correlate with how well they actually convert to paying customers.  Let’s chat about how to grow your email list as an eCommerce business.

It still shocks me to know that so many eCommerce business owners are not utilizing their email list. Raise your hand if you either don’t have an email list yet or you aren’t even sending that many emails out and instead spreading yourself thin with other marketing and business needs.

Seriously, it’s ok because you aren’t alone. Lots of people neglect their email marketing efforts not because they don’t care but because it can be tough when you aren’t a marketer and you have no idea what to write or say. I have a solution for you if that is the case that we’ll talk about later but for now, let’s get into some ways to get people on your email list.

Understand What Motivates Your Customers

This is so important before you can attract people to join your email list you need to understand what will get their interest. A lot of this depends on your product offerings, what you stand for as a brand, and your end goal which for most is to get people to make purchases.

Get Traffic to Your Website

You may already have a solid plan for this but you need to be attracting the right people to your website. That happens through your marketing efforts which could be via social media, ads, influencers, and other content marketing efforts.

100% of the people who come to your website aren’t ready to make a purchase at that moment so this is where your email list comes in.

Areas to Invite People to Join Your List

Use your website to invite visitors to join your email list and there are a few places you can do this.


A lot of the traffic you get to your online store website will be via the homepage. This gives you a prime opportunity to invite those visitors to sign up for your email list and to remain connected.

Content Pages

If you are creating content on your website via the blog feature then you can use your post to add invites to join your email list. Once someone has read through your content they may be ready to stay connected and want to learn more about your brand.


Many website visitors understand that for additional information they should scroll to the bottom of your website. This also presents an opportunity for you to get them on your email list. So have a clear call to action at the bottom of your website to invite them to join your list.

Those are just some key areas you can add a quick form to your website to grow your email list.


Another avenue to get more people on your email list is to use a pop-up. Yes, they can be annoying but they do work. I just wish people used them more strategically. For example, instead of having an immediate pop-up show up when someone clicks on your website. Have it set to a timed interruption, because if you interrupt your visitor before they’ve had the time to even see what your store is all about they are most likely going to leave.

How many times have you landed on a website and immediately get hit with a pop-up, then the live chat box, and the cookie banner?

Before you can even look at anything you have to click multiple times to just see the page.

Use your pop-ups strategically and think about all the other notifications you have going on as well. Too many interruptions can scream desperate for a sale and that is a turn-off for people.

These are just some areas to put your forms but what can you do to encourage potential customers to join your email list?

Offer Incentives

Part of motivating people to share their email addresses with you is to give them something in exchange. Most eCommerce businesses offer a discount, which can work well depending on the average price of the products you sell.

If you sell higher-priced products then a 10% off discount feels pretty good but if you sell at the low to mid-range price point 10% is not that impressive.

You can definitely do other incentives that aren’t a discount like a complimentary product with purchase. Honestly, sometimes tangible offers just convert better.

Look at your business and determine what makes the most sense for your brand.

Rewards System

This is a fun one, it’s actually one of my favorites that can help people become raving fans. It’s to offer a rewards or points system they can sign up for to earn points when they make a purchase.

If they haven’t made a purchase yet you can start them off with a certain amount of points and then pique their interest by sharing with them which levels give them certain rewards.

For customers who are high-achievers, this can trigger their physique to go for a goal.

Are you part of any brands that give you points? I have a few like Ulta, Sephora, Cloth and Paper, etc.

Social Media

If you are active on social media then tell your audience to join your email list for exclusives. You don’t have to do this every day but make it part of your regular promotions. To invite those who engage with your business the most to stay connected with your business.

Invite Customers to Join Your List At Checkout

When someone is making a purchase have a quick question to ask them if they also want to stay connected for exclusive offers and benefits. It can be just a quick checkbox that is connected to your system.

In-person Events

If you are doing any in-person events, take your iPad or have others scan a QR code on their phone that gives them a special incentive to join your email list just for connecting with you at the event.

These are just some ways to grow your email list as an eCommerce brand.

Once you get people to your list now is your chance to serve them up some value about your brand and why your products will benefit them in some way.

Having a strong email marketing strategy is vital to take those that raise their hand that they are interested in learning more about your business to tell them more.

I have two ways you can do this: either you can DIY and set up your email marketing funnel on your own and manage the communication you have with your audience. In this case, you can get the Bankable Email Marketing™ course that walks you through how to set up a profitable email funnel in 5 days or less.

Or we can work together and I’ll handle the strategy, the design, copy, and scheduling of your email marketing efforts in my done-for-you option.

You can get the details about each option by clicking and checking the links in the show notes of this episode to get started.

Whichever option you decide to choose – make sure that one of your revenue drivers for your business includes email marketing.

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