A's to your Q's

Here are some frequently asked questions.

What is website development vs design?

Web design - focuses on the visual elements.

Web development - focuses on the functionality and behind the scenes pieces of a website. That is what I focus on here at The May Creative.

Who do you recommend for hosting?

I have a few recommended hosting companies:

  • Siteground – great for those concerned about a budget and have a website without robust features such as a membership or courses.
  • Flywheel – premium WordPress hosting.
  • WP Engine - premium WordPress hosting.

FlyWheel and WPEngine are great for more intricate and robust websites. Websites that tend to have a membership or e-commerce.

*these are affiliate links.

I am not comfortable with WordPress, do you offer training?

Yes, training is part of each website package. If you need separate training please reach out to me.

I am not sure where to start. Do you offer strategy sessions?

Yes, I do we can meet and discuss your ideas. Strategy sessions last about 90 mins. Reach out to me via [email protected] to inquire about the process.