5 Essential Business Tools For Your Online Business

Having an online business requires some essentials such as software, to make your business life better.

It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with all that is going on in the online space.

So I am going to share with you some business essentials that will help you run your business with ease.

1 | A scheduler! So people can meet with you

Going back in forth through email to decide on the best time to meet can be a challenge. Especially when there are more than two people that need to meet.

The best way, I’ve found, to combat this is to get set up with a call scheduling system. I use Acuity but there are other programs out there such as Calendy, which are great for scheduling appointments.

I link my Acuity scheduler with my calendar so that I won’t be scheduled during times I am not available. Also, if someone needs to reschedule an appointment they can do so without contacting me about additional times.

This not only helps you present your business in a more professional manner but it shows respect for your time and your clients.

2 | Video chat with screen share!

Since I work with people from all around the world like Australia, etc. It’s not unusual for me to jump on a video chat to connect.

I love jumping on video so that people can see that I am a real person especially when there is so much distance between us!

My favorite tool to hold video chats is Zoom. It has a simple interface and I can easily have a group of people on one call for a meeting.

Plus if you hold webinars you can utilize Zoom’s paid features to connect with your audience and build better connections with them.


3 | Client Relationship Management

Without our clients, we would not have a business, so it is super important when we onboard client’s that the process is easy.

One way to achieve this by using Dubsado, it’s my preferred CRM because I can give my clients access to so many features in one place.

When I was on the hunt for a program that would allow me to send proposals, contracts, and invoices in one system. I was not that impressed with the available options on the market, I kept seeing Dubsado pop up in Facebook groups and decided to test it out and I must say it has been a game-changer for me. After, almost a full year of using it and I am happy I decided to commit to using it in my business.

I can send new clients a proposal that is connected to a contract and invoice in one email. Then house all their important documents in their own Client Portal. I’ve had so much positive feedback on the experience from clients on how easy it was to fill out the paperwork.

I won’t bog you down with all the details here, so check out this post – How I Use Dubsado In My Business and get 20% off if you decide to try it.

If you want to grab your 20% code now you use this link or add the code “themaycreative” you can also try Dubsado with 3 clients before you commit for free.

4 | Screen capture software

Now, this was a tool that I thought I wouldn’t use very much but I was completely wrong.

Have you ever wanted to explain an idea to someone but an email just wouldn’t cut it and hopping on a call wasn’t an option?

Well, enter the world of screen capture! You can record your screen and convey your ideas, then quickly shoot off a video to the other parties. No need to upload to YouTube or save to your computer.

The tool I use is CloudApp its a tool I grabbed from AppSumo (my tech weakness) and I use it all the time. It impresses clients every time, especially when they think I am going to send them this long email. Nope! I just shoot a quick video, explain a feature and they have it for their own reference to use in the future. So this is a definite must-have if you are working closely with others!


5 | Project Management System

Another must-have, because I have worked on projects without one is a project management system.

When I didn’t use one of projects things were not in order at all. So needless to say this is a non-negotiable for me!

There are a number of systems out there and I have tried a lot of them, so the main one I use is Asana. I can easily communicate with clients in one space and keep track of the progress of their project.

I’ve tried other platforms such as Trello but didn’t have much success I am a list person plus I feel that Asana is best for teams. Ultimately, pick a platform that works the best for you. You can make any platform work for you if you love it enough.


I have other tools that I use in my business that are super helpful. Just swing by the Recommended Tools to check them out, things like my recommended email list providers to equipment for video recording.

If you have any favorites please list them down below so I can check them out! I am a tech junkie and I love trying out different software you never know which one is going to be a game-changer for you.

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