eCommerce Website Design Strategies That Attract More Buyers

I say this a lot, your “eCommerce website design is vital to your success.” Knowing what it takes to create a high-converting online store is important when it comes to design.

There are some key elements and features that make a difference in eCommerce design. Before we dive in I want to mention the importance of understanding the goals and the outcomes you want for your online store. Having a solid and clear vision will make decisions a lot easier for you in the long run. 

Let’s jump in!

Clean Design

Having a clean design is definitely an effective way to create more sales. A clean design will show customers a clear journey of what to do. When customers have too many options it could cause them to not take any action from being overwhelmed. 

Make sure your eCommerce store design has the following:

  • A clean and easy to understand site navigation.
  • Enough white space between products.
  • Easy to read legible fonts.

Also, you want to make sure your site flows in a logical way that your customers shop. Understanding your customer’s journey and what they may be looking for will help you plan your site layout much easier.

Smart Layout 

Having a logical layout is like creating a treasure map for your online store. Where customers find amazing products that they get excited to add to their carts. 

A smart layout helps customers take the next steps on your website. For example, when a customer lands on your home page which button or link will they click next?

It could be a featured product you have, they could sign up for your newsletter or click a link in your navigation. 

When you plan a smart layout you can also plan in the design the next steps a customer should take or shouldn’t take.

Let’s look at the Chanel website – one of my favorite brands.

Chanel eCommerce Website Design Product Page

As you can see they have a clear call to action and focus on their homepage. Clearly, they want you to check out the holiday collection. Then after you click the link, your lead to the entire collection for more insights. 

For customers interested in a holiday makeup look, they can easily find products that they like and add them to their cart.

Chanel has done a great job of curating the collection in a manner that makes it easier for the shopper to make a decision and purchase.

Note: makeup lovers usually buy complementary items from the collection such as the lipstick, eyeshadows, highlights, etc. Chanel understands that about their customer so they have curated a nice page to support that behavior.

Quality Photos & Video

Well lit and balanced photos are essential, but they also need to be big enough to be seen. Larger photos easily catch a shopper’s eye, causing them to stop scrolling in order to find out more about the product. 

Looking at Anthropologies website you can see on their product page for the pictured sectional. That the photos are large enough to see and get a good idea for fit. Plus they have a nice option to zoom in on the photo in the bottom right corner.

Anthropologie eCommerce Website Design Product Page

It’s also a good idea to include multiple photos of products from different angles. 

If you do video the same principles apply for making sure the video quality is well lit and balanced. Videos are great for items such as shoes and apparel items just so customers can get a better understand of fit and flow.

Well Written Titles & Descriptions

Titles and descriptions should be easy for customers to read and connect with. Yes, you want to be mindful of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but you want the wording of these two important elements to make sense for customers.

A well-written title and description could mean more people clicking and adding the item to their cart to finish the purchasing process.

Looking at Method’s Laundry Detergent Packs you can see they have a well-written title and a description that is informative. Plus it’s a bit fun which is part of Method’s overall branding. They also are using a keyword for SEO “laundry detergent packs” that they rank well for in search engines. 

Method eCommerce Website Design Product Page

You can see that they focused on a natural way to describe their product and also managed to add a keyword to the title and description.

Well written titles and descriptions help customers understand important information about the product. Leading to higher purchase rates, one thing you can do right now is to review your current product selection. Pick your top 5 products and examine how you can re-write a better title and description along with adding a relevant keyword.

Limited Availability 

One of the first things I learned in economics is supply and demand. When there is less supply there tends to be more demand. Having something always available doesn’t always encourage action because people will assume they can come back later to get it.

For some of your products, you can create “scarcity” or FOMO (fear of missing out) with some items you sell. 

Let’s take Starbucks for example, with the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s only available during a certain time of the season and people always get excited when it comes back. 

Starbucks has created a product that signals Fall, a shift of seasons and high demand.

Limiting availability for certain products will help create a desire for them. Just make sure you have the audience to pull it off. 

Social Shares

A nice eCommerce design element you can add to product pages is the ability to share on social media. 

Having a social share option gives customers a chance to share your products with the people who follow them. Essentially giving you free traffic and boosting product sales. 

You never know when an item might go viral and gain a surge of traffic and become sold out. Having a social sharing option is definitely a great part of your design to have. 

Some social channels to include are:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

You can always check your Google Analytics to see which social channel is getting the most love for your store.

A Clean and Easy Checkout Experience

Alright! Your customer has made it to checkout “the finish line” and you don’t want to lose their attention at this point. 

You want them to focus on one thing and that is buying what’s in their cart!

Keep things simple here don’t make customers register for an account right away allow them to checkout with ease. You can always retarget them later in your sales funnel through your email list. 

At this point in the process, you want to reduce the number of clicks your customer has to take in order to finish their purchase.

Overall when you take your customer psychology, behavior and build it into the design you experience better conversions for your eCommerce store. Definitely take the time to understand how your customers shop your store, validate through data and make necessary design tweaks as needed.

As your store grows and changes you’ll need to make shifts in order to stay up to date with the trends of your store. 


Hi, I'm Karen, the founder + strategist/Shopify expert behind The May Creative. I help growing luxury, lifestyle & beauty product-based business owners craft an elevated Shopify website experience. So they can scale their business & reach their next level of success. Connect to learn more about working together. Or check out the other articles below and listen to the podcast.


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