6 Common eCommerce Web Design Mistakes That Deter Sales

Are you guilty of making these common eCommerce Web Design mistakes in your business…

Running an online shop takes a lot of work to make sure it’s profitable and converting consistently for your business. One way to quickly turn off potential buyers is a site that doesn’t give them a great experience. 

Are you a shop owner and making the following eCommerce web design mistakes.

No worries, you can fix them! First on the list (this is in no particular order) is your navigation.

Cluttered navigation 

You may be thinking but I have so many collections, I want people to have options. 

I totally get it but having too many options actually can cause people to not take action. Its decision paralysis, they subconsciously get so overwhelmed they just click off. 

People make better decisions with fewer options. How many times have you been in the grocery store trying to pick out pasta sauce, bread or even cereal? Standing there trying to make a choice. 

When it comes to shopping online you want to help people make easy decisions as fast as possible. A clean and easy to use navigation is a great way to make that happen!

Consider using a sub-navigation to list additional options. 

Also, put your least important information in the footer navigation of your site. That way your top navigation is focusing only on the most important links first.

Inconsistent Branding & Visual Elements

When people land on your shop every element should look like it belongs with each other. The fonts and colors should all match and stay consistent.

One way to do that is to use the same colors in your branding and to keep font options down to 2 or 3 styles.

Also, make sure that the fonts you use are easy to read. Avoiding overly scripted text and instead implementing easy to read text is always better.

This also comes down to your audience if you’re targetting children’s accessories. Fun bright colors may be a better fit than neutral colors.

No Clear Focus

Are you offering to many things from different industries? Your shop items should easily flow together or compliment each other. Helping people understand what you sell best if your selling dog food and shoes and your not Amazon, there will be a disconnect. It’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate what you want to focus on. 

Later after you’ve built your authority in your chosen area you can expand further out. But for now, until your making it rain with sales. Stay focused on key relatable items. 

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Broken Links

Test those links! Nothing sucks worst is when you’ve created all this excitement and send people to broken links. Some people will be patient others won’t, so make sure you test your links. 

If you are adding new content, products, etc test your links before making the changes live. It’s a quick process and you’ll be glad you didn’t create a potential loss in sales.

Poor Quality Photos

Photos are so important when turning a person just looking into a customer. As visual beings, great photos are a must! If you’re not able to work with a photographer that’s fine you can take quality photos with a few tips.

In 2020 it is estimated that as much of 50% of searches will be via images and speech.


Use a good quality camera most cell phones have HD capabilities today! The trick is to make sure you have well-balanced light and good lighting. 

What you do is pick a good time of day when the light is the best. Grab all the products you want to shoot for, stand in front of the window with your products in the middle and take photos. If your outside, just make sure the sun isn’t washing out your pictures, take some test shots to test it out. 

Batching your photoshoots will help ensure your products are showing consistent light.

If you are comfortable with photo editing tools such as Photoshop you can do some light photo editing to fix minor issues. 

I do recommend working with a product photographer! Most will allow you to ship your products to their location. Just plan enough time for any special launch dates, etc! (If you need a recommendation – feel free to reach out)

Inconsistent or hard-to-see colors

When it comes to branding the color component is really important. The type of colors you use for your brand says a lot about the type of customers you attract.

A common mistake I see is choosing too many colors or the wrong type of colors for your online store. If you can’t work with a professional designer at the moment.

Go to Coolors and use the tool to help pick out a color palette. It will give you a color palette of 5 colors that are recommended to flow well together.

If you need help with picking a shade of color. Then listen to Episode 15 on Color Psychology & What Color Attract Certain Customers. That will give you an idea of the types of colors to choose from.

There are plenty of other common design mistakes that shop owners make. These are the most obvious when you have customers shopping with you. You want your store to be presented as a professional online experience, not something that you DIYed.

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