3 Strategies to Skyrocket Your eCommerce Traffic For Free

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Ready to up-level your eCommerce traffic? It’s the top way your site makes money, so let’s talk about how to get more free traffic to your online store.

Use SEO to Increase Your eCommerce Traffic

SEO is important in helping more people see your online store via search. That’s why it should definitely be at the top as a way to get free traffic to your store. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which allows search engines to find you by relevant content and keywords that they show to a user. In this case, a potential customer looking for a particular product or category for their needs.

As an eCommerce store owner you want to make sure your categories and products are optimized for the best long-tail keywords of your business.

Why & What is a long-tail keyword?

Since there are so many bigger brands ranking for popular keywords. You’d have a hard time replacing their spot in search for example if you search for “coffee pots”. Amazon comes up as the #1 spot for the category “Coffee Makers”. Unless you have more money than Amazon and clout then that would be a hard keyword to rank for.

If you INSTEAD focused on “Single Cup Coffee Makers” which is a long-tail keyword you would have a greater chance of ranking for that keyword.

Long-tail keywords are basically longer phrases that people type into search. By focusing on the long-tail keyword of your product you’ll have a better chance of landing on the first page of search. Therefore, leading to more sales.

Use A Social Search Engine Such As Pinterest

Yes, Pinterest is technically a search engine but it’s primed with people, mostly women who are ready to spend. As a visual platform that also links to more detailed content, it’s a great platform to expand your reach.

Pinterest is the ideal platform where people pull together ideas for various occasions. If you sell jewelry, for example, you could create some lifestyle brands that target your ideal customer.

Think of Pinterest as the digital version of a vision board. I talk about helping your customers envision themselves with your products all the time. When a person can imagine wearing or having a product they are sold emotionally first. Which then leads them closer to checking out, you have no idea how many cute shoes I’ve found on Pinterest lol.

So How Do You Maximize Pinterest For Your Online Store?

Similar to SEO for search engines, you find relevant keywords. Then you place those keywords in your title and description along with the relevant boards. The nice part is that Pinterest helps you! Going back to jewelry, let’s say you want your jewelry piece to come up for a special occasion. Start typing in Pinterest search “Jewelry For” and Pinterest will show other things people typed in! Those are your potential keywords! See screenshot below:

Pinterest | eCommerce Traffic

Also, check out How to Use Instagram & Pinterest For More Traffic to Your eCommerce Store

With Pinterest, the best way to maximize and increase your visibility is to pin often. I would suggest starting out with 10 pins a day and then when you see traction consider investing a tool like Tailwind, it will help you schedule your pins in advance. So you don’t have to physically pin each day, just batch a few weeks via automation.

Plus you can take advance of Tailwind Tribes which are similar to Pinterest group boards. That will also help you increase your reach to new potential customers. Once you are in relevant Tribes and Group Boards other people will share your pins and then you’ll be exposed to their audience. Tailwind is about $15/mo or less if you do yearly, you can sign up with my link and try it free for 30 days.

One of the great benefits of Pinterest is how much reach your pins could possibly experience. Pins also live on the platform for a long time, I still get views from content I wrote years ago!

Be A Guest On A Podcast to Increase eCommerce Traffic

This one is a bit fun and a great way to tell your business story. Getting on a relevant podcast as a guest will give you the opportunity to shine in front of a new audience. Make sure that the podcast has a bunch of your ideal customers! Once you’re on, be sure to serve, serve, serve and if you want you can offer a special gift just to those listeners.

Be sure to help promote the episode to your audience! Especially if you had a chat about what it’s like running “X type” product business. Or if you talked a bit more about your journey to starting your store. People love finding out more about the person behind the brand.

Podcast a great way to build a deeper connection not only with a new audience but with your existing audience as well. You never know if your story will touch people in a way that helps them feel more relatable to you. Therefore they feel more comfortable to purchase from someone who is like-minded.

Be authentic and tell your story 🙂

Those are three ways you can help bring in free traffic to your eCommerce store. Let me know have you tried any of these tips? How have they worked for you?

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