eCommerce Strategy Hour

Growth-focus expert eCommerce advice & Clarity

When you're stuck or find yourself not making progress. Getting unbiased insights to help you make the next decision. Can have a great impact on helping you grow your business. That's where a strategy hour comes in! Whether you are a shop owner or even a creative that is stuck with a question. We can meet to chat it out over a virtual cocktail (optional).

Some ideas of what we can discuss ...

Questions you may have about your eCommerce brand/business. That may have you stuck & unable to move forward.

If you want to gain clarity on a marketing strategy for your brand. So you can effectively attract the type of customers you want to your business.

You are DIYing your Shopify website and you need some advice on your website.

+ more!

I was stuck on the best way to help increase website conversions for our luxury brand's eCommerce website. Karen made me feel comfortable during our strategy session and helped me to see how to pull things together for better results. I now have an outline of steps to take in order to optimize our website. I also have a plan for setting up an omnichannel experience. Sometimes you need an outside pair of eyes to help you see what you're missing. Karen was that person for me. I love that Karen made sure I felt confident before ending our session.

— Jennifer Ward


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Strategy Hour

We'll meet via video for a 60-minute call so you can discuss your ideas plus this will allow us to share screens to really get to the details of what you need.

You're one step closer to results

Schedule your call below, answer the questions and you'll be sent a Zoom link to join our video chat. I may reach out for further questions just so I can make sure we make the most of our conversation.

Investment | $200