eCommerce Marketing: 7 Strategies You Can Implement To Attract Customers

Do you feel like your marketing could use some help?

Are you struggling to convert your traffic into paying customers?

When it comes to marketing your eCommerce store you want to make sure you are maximizing your efforts.

With a marketing strategy, you can grab your ideal customer’s attention and help them take the next steps to purchase your products.

We’re going to discuss some eCommerce marketing strategies to attract customers that you can implement to help grow your online store.

Before diving in let’s gain some clarity on what exactly is marketing.

Marketing is the method you use to consistently deliver your sales message to your customers.

Let’s dive in! Here are some strategies to attract customers to your online store.

Improve Your Online Store SEO

One of the best marketing strategy to attract customers is SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a great way to improve traffic to your store and increase retail sales.

When done correctly, SEO can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. By bringing you organic traffic to your website through phrases and words that people are searching online.

How can you use SEO for your benefit?

Make sure you are using great title names and descriptions, filled with keywords people are naturally searching for when they go online. For example, shoes for toddlers is a long-tail keyword you could incorporate in your product title and description. If you sold children’s shoes.

If you want to go into a bit more detail about SEO. Make sure you read SEO Made Easy where I give more insight into how you incorporate SEO into your business.

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Create Engaging Content

The best content definitely tends to be informative and engaging. There are various ways you can create content: blog posts, video, and audio. Pick the method in which your customers use and that you like doing.

Definitely, choose only one form of content marketing at first. Build up that content by being consistent then you can consider branching out to other forms of content.

For example, don’t blog for one day, create a video next week then start a podcast the week after. That will only make you overwhelmed and lead you to quit.

Just note each form of content will take a different amount of time to see results. Blogging tends to be the longest with video and audio being faster. If you aren’t into video or audio you can totally blog, there are some great benefits to blogging. 

55% of companies that blog receive more traffic than those that don’t. – Resource

Blogging can help you build more authority in search engines and you get rewarded with traffic. 

If you are into video, then you can attract customers with video content. Which is a great way to show off your products and give your customers a truer experience of your business.

Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing, in my opinion, is a must for any eCommerce business, you have an opportunity to build a great relationship with your customers. 

Plus newsletter readers usually have one of the highest conversions! Through emails, you are able to consistently stay top of mind and inform your customers of what’s going on in your business.

To get people to sign up to your newsletter you can offer a discount, free shipping or a reward for signing up. People are happy to pass over their email for something of value. Make it good so you can have high conversions!

Now we are going to get into a collaborative option. I think when you are growing and expanding its helpful to bring other people. That’s why I think the next option is a fun one!

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Get Featured On A Podcast

You don’t have to create a podcast but you can be a guest on one. Ideally for a podcast that has a bunch of your ideal customers as their core audience. 

This will allow you to showcase your expertise and of course speak about your business!

These people are already primed and ready to make a connection. This is also a great time to push your newsletter. Maybe give that audience a special incentive to join and shop your store!

Research some podcast your audience actively listens to and then pitch your way as a guest. So you can get exposure to some new people. 

As you know other people are the best version of word of mouth marketing. 

Utilize Social Media

After you have created your content marketing & newsletter. Social media is a great way to share your products and build a relationship with your customers. 

Specifically Instagram & Pinterest because they cater to eCommerce shop owners by allowing shoppable features.

Instagram has Shoppable Posts and Pinterest has Shoppable Pins both allowing customers to purchase from within the app. 

Curious to learn more about how both can grow your online store. Check out Using Instagram & Pinterest to Boost Sales

I saved this one for the end because I don’t want you putting all your eggs into social media. Remember you don’t own the social platforms. You follow their rules and if your account happens to get closed for whatever reason. You don’t want to be crying in the corner begging for forgiveness.

Partner With Influencers

Influencer marketing has been around for a while but it’s still a great way to help grow your business. Plus it’s still growing as a method for companies to get their message out there.

Influencers have a close relationship with their followers and they can seem more relatable than a brand. Being able to reach people by their emotions is a big seller. That’s why influencer can be some of the best methods for getting your products out there.

You can find an influencer who has the audience you would like to connect with. In exchange, you both agree, the influencer will promote your product. Make sure you figure out the compensation terms etc!

Promotion could be things like:

  • Sharing your products in a lifestyle post.
  • Sharing your products in an IG story.
  • Creating a YouTube video with your product sprinkled in. 
  • Writing a blog post and tracking clicks.
  • Promoting your products at an event

There are plenty of methods to choose from, just be strategic in your approach. Also, find quality influencers that can give you an ROI. 

Look at previous brands that they have partnered with, ask for a media kit, etc. You want to see if they get results and what type of results do they get.

Pay for Ads to Reach Your Target Audience

Spending money on ads can bring in a great ROI. For example, you use your Facebook Pixel to help you identify potential customers. Run an ad towards those who have previously interacted with your site and get them excited again. 

When you decide to invest in ads you can either do them yourself or hire a professional. I recommend hiring a professional, you don’t want to run ads to the wrong people and lose a lot of money. 

A pro should be able to help you determine if investing in ads are great for your business. They will also ask you specific information and be clear about what they are providing. 


These eCommerce marketing tips should give you some ideas on how to attract customers to online your store. Always remember to be strategic! Use strategies that work for you and your business, by making sure you do proper research for your audience. 


Hi, I'm Karen, the founder + strategist/Shopify expert behind The May Creative. I help growing luxury, lifestyle & beauty product-based business owners craft an elevated Shopify website experience. So they can scale their business & reach their next level of success. Connect to learn more about working together. Or check out the other articles below and listen to the podcast.


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