eCommerce Marketing For Luxury Brands: 6 Ways to Attract Affluent Customers

Do you feel like your marketing could use some help in attracting the right customers who are thrilled to buy your products?

When it comes to marketing high-end or luxury products it’s important to make sure that you are attracting the type of customers who value quality products.

In order to effectively attract customers who don’t mind spending more, you have to position your products differently than a standard-priced product.

Let’s dive into eCommerce marketing for luxury brands and find out how you can consistently attract affluent customers to your online store.

Before diving in, let’s get some clarity on what exactly is eCommerce marketing for luxury brands.

Before diving in let’s gain some clarity on what exactly is marketing.

Marketing is the method you use to consistently promote your products in order to attract customers to your business.

Over the years the word marketing has gotten a lot of negative connotations due to people utilizing sleazy and unethical methods to make a sale. 

My approach to marketing is that it should be a genuine conversation between people. With no pressure or ickiness. 

Which is why I’ll be going over practical and sustainable marketing methods to help you attract buyers who want to invest in luxury goods.

These suggestions are in no particular order but let’s start with a common method of marketing today, social media.

Utilize Social Media to Market Your Luxury Products

Social media marketing is a great way to build more engaging relationships with your customers. It allows your customers to see firsthand how your products can be used in everyday life. 

Plus when utilized correctly you can help influence the perception of your brand through lifestyle content. 

There are several social media platforms you can use to market your luxury products. My suggestion is to start with the one that aligns with your brand and that your customers use most often. Then branch out to other platforms as you see fit. 

Depending on the type of luxury products you sell you can use platforms such as:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

All of these platforms allow you to create various formats of content from written posts, short videos, and even live videos. 

They also allow you to easily link to the products you are featuring so that you can sell more effectively. 

To maximize your time using social media you can also establish relationships with those who already have an audience of people who love to buy high-end and that is working with influencers.

Partner with Influencers to Market Your Luxury Products

Influencer marketing has been around for a while and it’s a great way to expand your business reach. Allowing you to get your message out there to a targeted audience.

Influencers often have a community of like-minded people who tend to love certain products. Because the person influencing the community has built a strong relationship with their audience. 

They are able to recommend products that can easily get noticed and become a customer fav. 

My recommendation is to find an influencer that has great engagement with a community of people you want to get your products in front of. Then reach out to them, make sure they align with your brand and have a conversation about what a potential partnership could look like if you decide to work together. 

Social media and influencer relationships aren’t the only way to get in front of more affluent buyers. An often overlooked method is media such as print, web, and television. 

Use Traditional Media to Market Your Luxury Products

I’m going to say traditional media because these channels have been highly effective over the span of time. That is using media such as magazines, web publications, and television features to get in front of more affluent consumers.

This is especially true for magazines where people who have more income have highly targeted magazines that they frequently read. 

Luxury magazines that affluent consumers read are:

  1. Robb Report
  2. Highsnobiety
  3. Luxe Digital
  4. How to Spend It
  5. Tatler

And, several others, you can reach out to these magazines for example to discuss advert placements and more. 

The same could be said for television programs. Research which programs target those who tend to invest in certain high-end goods. Then reach out to the networks to see which ones you can work with to get featured.

Leverage Events to Market Your Luxury Products

Amazing products are often discovered at events and it’s a great way to actually connect 1:1 with customers to get their insights on their thoughts about your products. 

As a luxury brand, you can leverage events by partnering with specialty boutiques to help get your products in front of certain customers. 

The great thing about this method in addition to building a more personalized relationship is that these customers are already primed to invest in higher-priced products. 

If you are located where you can access the more affluent stores and neighborhoods of your community this is a great way to connect. 

Make an introduction to the locals in the area and start to build genuine relationships with them. You never know how far word of mouth will go and so this is just another great avenue to expand your luxury brand’s reach.

Pay for Ads to Reach Affluent Buyers

Paying for ads to reach a specific demographic is a great way to see ROI from marketing. 

When you decide to invest in ads you can either do them yourself or hire a professional. If you just want to test running ads yourself be sure to do your research. Ultimately, I recommend hiring a professional, as they will have the skills to know what type of ads convert. 

Ads are a great way to reach those who tend to spend money on high-end goods. A lot of advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn have a lot of valuable insights to reach buyers you’d like to introduce to your business. 

Once you have attracted the type of traffic you want to your business. Understand website visitors most likely won’t be ready to buy on the first visit. So be sure to have a system set up for email marketing.

Convert Affluent Buyers With Email Marketing

Email marketing, in my opinion, is a must for any eCommerce business. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to build a great relationship with your customers. 

When new visitors come to your website they may not be ready to buy at that moment. But you also don’t want them to forget you as well. So invite them to join your email list.

An email list allows you to help people understand more about your business. By building trust and educating them about your brand. 

Luxury consumers love to know more about what they plan to invest in so you are just helping them to get closer and closer to buying your products. 

Plus by them being on your email list you can continue to offer them additional products that they will be interested in buying.

To get people to sign up to your email list you can offer a discount, free shipping, or a reward for signing up. People are happy to pass over their email for something of value. Make it good so you can have high conversions!


eCommerce marketing as a luxury brand may look a bit different but it’s worth the effort to build a sustainable and timeless business. Each of these methods is a great way for you to expand the reach of your business, build relationships and increase luxury product sales.


I’m Karen, the founder, and eCommerce Expert behind The May Creative. Where I help modern luxury brands build more brand loyalty and increase product sales on Shopify. Connect to learn more about working together. Or check out the other articles below and listen to the podcast for additional resources on growing and scaling your business.


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