Defining Your eCommerce Customer Journey For Improved Sales

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This post is going to be a bit high-level when it comes to optimizing the strategy of your eCommerce sales into actual dollars. Specifically turning your eCommerce customer journey into sales.

Your customer’s online experience while interacting with your brand is vital. It’s what will inch them further into becoming an actual customer or not. 

All customers aren’t created equal, there are levels to this and I’ll keep it simple by grouping them into 3 levels. 

You have your cold customers, warm customers, and hot customers and by knowing how they buy you’ll be able to maximize your relationship with them all.

Cold Customers 

Your cold customers are the ones that aren’t familiar with your business. They may have stumbled across your site via content you produced or search.

Like someone you just met they need to get comfortable with you first. You couldn’t just ask them to become a buyer on the after the first meeting. They would be like “I don’t know you, why should I hand over my card?”

Now, of course, there are the exceptions and not the absolute rule. For the most part, cold customers need to be EDUCATED on your brand before parting ways with their money.

How do you turn a cold customer into a paying customer?

You get them use to your brand and you educate them on how you plan to help them. This could be done in several ways:

  • You could get them onto your email list where you educate them through a series of emails. 
  • You could have them read your blog content which helps them solve a problem.
  • They could listen to you via a video or podcast and receive more insights into what you offer.

Which leads to your next level of your eCommerce customer journey.

Warm Customers

Your warm customers have had some form of familiarity with your brand and are closer to buying something from you. Maybe they start off small to get a taste of purchasing from you, by purchasing a lower ticket item. 

To help them along you could offer them something enticing such as:

  • A special discount for being a new subscriber to your email list.
  • A unique reward on their first purchase.

This will help encourage them to take the next step and become a customer. Giving you the opportunity to help build the relationship further. 

If you are running ads you could be retargeting them with a lead magnet to get them onto your list. Giving you the introduction to nurture them and later warm them up by turning them into customers. 

That leads me to the next level of customers, your hotties. 

A Hot Customer

Has already purchased from you and they are already are familiar with your brand. You’ve established a level of trust and your goal is to keep serving them. For this audience, you’ll want to keep telling them about more relevant products you have that interest them. Your goal is to get them to make more purchases more frequently and to have more items in their carts.

Tip: make sure you have this part of your audience segmented on to their own list. You’ll want to make sure you are keeping them up to date on the latest arrivals that fit their needs.

You can use an email marketing tool like Klaviyo if your own Shopify or Active Campaign or Convertkit if you are on WordPress. 

Another way you can get them to purchase more is through upsells and cross-sells on your site. So make sure you have related options available on your site.

As a business owner, you’ll spend a lot of time on your eCommerce customer journey converting cold customers into hot customers. Due to education taking time but don’t forget your hot customers. They can add consistent profit to your bottom line if you serve them well. Remember it is cheaper to maintain existing customers than it is to acquire new ones whether it’s time, money or both.

Do you know that your Conversions for your online store could use some help? How about if you had a plan of how to navigate with helpful support? Where you could ask specific questions regarding your business. If that sounds like you check out the eCommerce Conversion Optimization Service crafted to help you get unstuck. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

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