eCommerce Customer Journey: 5 Types of Shoppers to Know

This post is going dive into customer journey analysis when it comes to optimizing the strategy of your eCommerce store sales into actual dollars. Specifically turning your eCommerce customer journey into more sales.

Your customer’s online experience while interacting with your brand is vital. It’s what will inch them further into becoming an actual customer and not just a browser. 

All online consumers aren’t created equal, there are 5 types of eCommerce shoppers, that all operate differently. Today I’ll be breaking down some consumer habits so you know how to best serve your customers. No matter what part of the customer journey they are in.


These types of shoppers are the lookers, the ones seeking inspiration and ideas. They land on your site to see what you have to offer and if it piques their interest. They aren’t necessarily in the ready to buy phase because they are just getting to know your brand.

So what type of products should you show them?

Be prepared to show your top sellers, most popular items, and share important information about your products with them. 

This is also a great opportunity to get them onto your email list so you can continue to build relationships using your brand awareness strategy.


The shopping behaviors of research shopper is just that research. They are looking for information for a future purchase. They are going to be really engaged in product information, well-planned visuals, and product reviews.

How can you win over a research shopper?

Increase their trust in your eCommerce brand by using social proof. That could be, rave reviews from customers, videos, etc. Anything that reinforces their decision to trust you as the best option for them.

Bargain Hunters

The name says it all, shoppers who are bargain hunters are looking for a deal. They are price conscious and usually have a set amount that they are willing to spend.

When bargain hunters are shopping they prioritize price as the deciding factor on whether to proceed. 

How to get bargain hunters to purchase?

Be upfront with pricing, shipping costs, and show them the deals. If you offer a coupon incentive for joining your list. They most likely will be the fastest to sign up.

Product-focused Customer

Product-focus customers understand what they want and they have made their decision. The experience of your eCommerce website will be key here. You want the product-focused customers’ experience to be simple and streamlined. Because they’ll want to add the product to their cart and quickly check out. 

How to serve a product-focus customer?

Make their checkout experience simple & seamless. Don’t inundate them with tons of pop-ups or distractions that are going to slow them down from getting to the checkout.

One-time shoppers

Can be any combination of the shoppers we previously discussed. With one-time shoppers, they are in and out, so a quick checkout process is a must. 

What do one-time shoppers value the most?

One-time shoppers value short or a no registration required process to check out. They want to have clear pricing, product-information, supporting product reviews, and a seamless checkout. 

If you want to turn one-time shoppers into return customers. Invite them to join your email list where you can give them an opportunity to learn about your brand. 

There is no doubt you will have a combination of all 5 types of eCommerce shoppers that peruse your online store. The goal is to understand their shopping habits so you can get the greatest return for their visit. 

The better you understand your customers the more you can turn their visits into sales. That will lead to building a strong community and of course increase confidence in your business. 

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Hi, I'm Karen the founder + strategist/Shopify expert behind The May Creative. I help growing product-based brands craft a premium eCommerce experience through Shopify. So they can scale their business. Stay for a while and check out some other posts below. Listen to the podcast and check out the signature service.


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