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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of information available and now you're looking for knowledgeable advice from an expert? Reserve an eCommerce consulting session and we’ll figure out your next best steps.

Does you resonate

With any of this?

Your unsure about what is the next best approach in your business?

Your trying to figure out your strategy, branding, website, and/or marketing and feel like you aren’t getting any closer to your goals.

You’re overwhelmed by the information you’ve consumed and now you just want someone to help you make sense of how it applies to your situation.

You want to enter the luxury market but aren’t sure what is the first step to get there.

Silky Fabric

Imagine being clear on what to do next in your business

Where we have an open conversation that doesn't include generic advice. Giving you the insights you can implement now regarding your luxury strategy, branding, website, and marketing.


An eCommerce Consulting Session

A 60-minute consulting session and we’ll meet over Zoom. With no obligation to be upsold into another solution. Just specific & relatable advice for your business. If you don’t see a time available in your timezone email me at [email protected] and we’ll discuss more.

The perfect place to start

If you want to see how we’ll work together before making a larger investment.


I was stuck on the best way to help increase website conversions for our luxury brand's eCommerce website. Karen made me feel comfortable during our strategy session and helped me to see how to pull things together for better results. I now have an outline of steps to take in order to optimize our website. I also have a plan for setting up an omnichannel experience. Sometimes you need an outside pair of eyes to help you see what you're missing. Karen was that person for me. I love that Karen made sure I felt confident before ending our session.

— Jennifer W.


Your strategic luxury eCommerce expert

Retail Expert of 10+ years turned luxury brand strategist & eCommerce Expert

I’m Karen, your strategic partner for your consulting session. During my retail tenure, I worked with multiple 7 & 8-figure brands to produce year-over-year growth. Increase overall customer satisfaction and increase market penetration.

No matter where you are in your business from time to time you need smart and realistic advice that will help you move forward.

There is only so much a Google search can do when you are examing resources. While there is a great starting point the real transformation happens when we dive deep into our business and uncover our own secret strategy.

It's the reason why I created eCommerce consulting sessions. It's a great way to get quick advice that can help you move forward. Reserve your session below to get started!


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