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Clear, simple, and direct advice to get guidance for your business ideas, Shopify website, platform selection, or questions. So you can move forward in your business.



Get clarity around selecting the right eCommerce platform or tools for your business.


Want to get an outside perspective on driving better traffic to your online store so you can improve conversions?


Have you started building your website and feel stuck? We can do a screen share and figure out what you need to move forward. Or answer your questions regarding Shopify.

Creative Direction

Want to pick my brain? An outside perspective can be the perfect catalyst to help you move forward in your business.

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You’ll book your session and we’ll hop on Zoom call to discuss your website strategy, answer questions regarding your website plans, or eCommerce questions so that you can get back to business. Simple, relaxed & pitch-free. Get started below!


I was stuck on the best way to help increase website conversions for our luxury brand's eCommerce website. Karen made me feel comfortable during our strategy session and helped me to see how to pull things together for better results. I now have an outline of steps to take in order to optimize our website. I also have a plan for setting up an omnichannel experience. Sometimes you need an outside pair of eyes to help you see what you're missing. Karen was that person for me. I love that Karen made sure I felt confident before ending our session.

— Jennifer W.

Clarify your thoughts

We’ll dive into where you're stuck and figure out a solution that makes sense for your business. If you want, simple, clear, and direct advice that has no fluff. Book your session today.

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