The Differences Between A Web Designer + Web Developer

The lines of web design and web development are often blurred online. So much so that people aren’t always quite sure what the differences are between the two. I want to make a quick distinction between a web designer versus a web developer just in case you were wondering as well.

+ Web Designer

A web designer designs the visual elements of a website. Visual elements include buttons and layouts. Web designers also plan where elements go on the site. Paying special attention to the goals of the business and making sure they are planned into the design. Web designers also determine some of the functionality of the site, from whether there will be a slider or pop-up windows. Web designers also take into consideration mobile design styles and it impacts on user experience. There are some designers that don’t code they only design mockups to be handed over to a developer who will then turn the designs into a website.

Overall, designers focus on the visual elements of the website. Designers really impact what you see online, whereas a Web Developer focuses on the backend of a website.

+ Web Developer

Most of their work happens behind the scenes where code actually gets written. All those beautiful layouts that the designer designed actually get implemented and brought to life through interactivity and implementation. Your web developer is going to be taking their skill sets and their knowledge of various coding languages and use those skills to build a website. A developer will usually be found staring at lines of code and the backend of a website.

There are people that do both which can contribute to the confusion of what a designer is versus a developer. Even though they may be skilled at doing both most people are only really good at one or the other.

When you are having your website built, make sure you have a clear understanding of how your designer creates your site. Will they be doing it all themselves or will they only be providing you with a design mockup for you to find a developer to create your site? Or will they be partnering with a developer (like me) to create your custom site?

The benefits of having a two-party team are that both focus only on what they are best at. Your designer can create a fabulous design that helps drive traffic to your site and resonates with your ideal audience. Your developer can create an easy to use website that transitions smoothly, that is mobile responsive and built solid on the backend.

I hope that clears up any confusion you may have had when you hear the words being used interchangeably.

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