Collaborative WordPress Web Development for web + brand designers who are ready to drop the code & focus on design.

Design is what you adore when it comes to crafting a custom online presence for clients. Unless you're willing to pick up some serious coding skills, which I doubt. You'd rather NOT code - but instead focus solely on design and not worry about finding which code to snippet to match your design.

Gaining back some extra hours for family, because if you're honest you started your business to be more present with them NOT the screen. You love Google but you rather not spend hours using it to search for random coding snippets that you pray will work.

Collaborative Web Development is a 5-week strategic partnership that helps you save time on website creation AND allows you to focus more on design. Without sacrificing the quality of the service AND functionality you provide to your clients.

Brought my designs to life!

Sonya Forrest

Karen was great to work with! She helped me bring my designs to life and whatever I threw her way she could handle! I definitely recommend working with her!

- Sonya Forrest

After Working Together You'll:

Free up time in your business to focus more on higher-level areas, that can boosts profits.

Break-through design limits without having to learn more coding techniques that send you through a spiral of Google searches.

Focus on design so you don't have to worry about functionality and late night tech drama that makes you crack open some Ben & Jerry's.

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Booking for February 2019

Collaborative Development will help you:

Offer more to your clients by crafting custom solutions that you don't have to worry about building on your own.

Expand beyond the templates and limited platforms so that you can work with more dream clients AND still deliver amazing results.

Work with a high-level & detail-driven developer that will recommend better solutions to help NAIL your vision.

Fabulous Experience & Nailed My Vision!

Micah White

I enjoyed Everything about working with Karen! Karen understood me and my vision and NAILED IT. Karen is very professional and cares about her client and their experience with her. Karen was great to work with! She helped me bring my designs to life and whatever I threw her way she could handle! I definitely recommend working with her!

- Micah White

What You'll Receive:

  • Complimentary 30 min - Introductory Call.
  • Custom Child Theme - Genesis Framework.
  • Custom Templates:
    • Home page
    • 5 custom templates
  • Marketing & social media integration.
  • Recommendation of the best tools to reach desired outcomes.
  • Installation of SEO tools and security plugins.
  • Project management for an easy and seamless process.

Let's Get Started!

  1. Click the button to share some project details.
  2. We'll discuss your project and the expected outcome of what you'd like to achieve.
  3. If we are a fit I'll extend a custom proposal, contract and invoice. You will need to pay 50% to book your development spot.
  4. I'll send over your offical Welcome Packet to help us get started with our collaboration!

You'll also receive...

The opportunity to sign up for my Maintainance Plan to help you maintain the website.

Training on how to use the site so that updates can be easily made by the client. Without the need to work with a developer for common site updates.

Karen Howell

Hi there!

I’m Karen the Web developer with a design background behind The May Creative I work with established designers like yourself to help tell the story your clients need to share.

Through successful collaborations I've helped business owners to dance online successfully. Some have gone on to continue to build thriving online communities, expand their brand and build an audience of like-minded, fun loving people.

I’d love to connect and discuss how we can successfully continue to build dreams one story at a time.

This is perfect for...

Established designers who offer custom designs and needs a skilled developer to help deliver on the functionality.

Designers who know their skills are best suited for their clients by focusing on design and not the development.

Designers who want to stop muddling through the tech and be able to deliver high-level designs as an easy to manage website for their clients.

Designed What I Wanted Without Limits!

Emily M

What I enjoyed the most about working with Karen was it was nice to be able to design exactly as I wanted without being limited by my own knowledge of web development.

- Emily MacKenzie

Questions others have asked

How soon should I get in contact about partnering?

Definitely the earlier the better, so we can address any questions that may come up.

How does payment work?

Typically the quote for design services and development are separate but presented to the client as one invoice which goes through you. We can either do one invoice or invoice separately.

50% is required to book your spot, the remaining amount is due based on a pre-determined date. All payments must be completed before the site is transferred.

I need something outside of this package. Can you help me?

Send me some details to my email at [email protected] with the details.

How do you accept designs?

There are so many systems out there but I work with any Adobe tools such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc. If you have another format just let me know.

How do you manage your project?

I use a project management system which you'll be invited to so that we can collaborate.

Who manages the client relationship?

I am flexible here you can be the main point of contact or I can take over the communication pieces when its time for development that way the client can speak to me directly.

Do you offer any maintenance services?

Yes, I sure do you can learn more about them at Maintenance Plans.

I'm a business owner who needs a website. Can you help me?

Yes, learn more about custom development for business owners.

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Booking for February 2019