Have a design and need it brought to life?

You are an experienced designer who is looking to up-level your business in a new way. You're ready to pass over the development portion so you can focus and scale the other areas of your business.

Sayir - developed by The May Creative

Instead of...

Trying to handle it all and tinkering with crazy WordPress backends. Stop spending hours searching Google for code you can paste in...hoping it doesn't break your work.

Pass over your design files so you can focus more on business and finally have some breathing room.


Your future work days could be:

Less stressed

You wont have to figure out the latest coding technologies. Or why your client is having technical issues just when you're about to launch another client's site.


Creatively free

Say goodbye to templates, you'll be able to start from a blank canvas and create custom designs that you've wanted. (Plus charge higher)



Know that you are really adding value to your clients business. Because they have site that matches their needs and you've helped them get there.


What's included

  • Custom WordPress theme built from scratch with proper web standards.
  • Page templates so that you can easily showcase information.
  • Responsiveness to ensure content is accessible on multiple devices.
  • An easy to update and manage WordPress admin.
  • Advanced Custom Fields so you can easily update content.
  • Recommendation of the best tech tools.
  • Setup of Google Analytics and SEO plugins.
  • One on one training so updates and changes can be easily managed.
  • Project management to manage communication and feedback.
  • Private staging site where you'll be able to interact with the site before it goes live.

"I had never worked with a developer before, but Karen’s development and WordPress expertise made my project much less stressful! If you don't want to focus on development & you're a designer, HIRE HER!"

-Megan Sjuts

What does collaborating look like?

When it comes to collaborating, ideally we'll meet before the designs have started, but that's not always the case. There are 3 situations that most often occur:

Early - In the early stage you'll introduce to client and we begin.

Mid-way - You've started the design process with the client and I hop in mid-way to discuss your designs and chat out planning.

Finish - You have completed designs and now you're looking to have them built and brought to life.

Previous work

Karen - WordPress website design & development

Nice to meet you!

Hi there! I'm Karen, I partner with experienced designers who are ready to scale their businesses by letting go of web development.

Through a personalized experience, we'll bring your designs together into a fully functioning and responsive website so you can make more sales and enjoy more mimosas!

Coding languages I speak: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Gulp, JavaScript, JQuery and PHP.

This is perfect for

Designers who are looking to up-level their business by partnering with a web developer.

Designers who produced professional design mockups.

Business owners who have worked with a designer and have the necessary design files.

This is NOT perfect for

Non-experienced designers

Designers who are looking for a full site build like yesterday.

Designers who aren't able to provide professional mockups using industry standard programs.

Questions others have asked

How much will this cost?

Custom development varies based on the scope of the project: such as size, functionality, etc. Once we've had a chance to discuss I can provide you with an estimate.

How long will this take?

Depending on the scope of the project, on average 6-8 weeks. You'll have a clear timeline once we've had a chance to discuss your project.

I want to white-label

That's totally fine in that case you'll pay me directly for development and act as the primary contact with the client.

How do you accept designs?

I accept designs via PhotoShop, Illustrator, Adobe XD or Sketch.

Do you offer retainer services?

Yes, I have retainer services for designers who need regular support. I'd be happy to discuss a plan custom-crafted to your business.

Do you work with e-commerce?

Yes, I work with either WooCommerce or Shopify.

I'm ready to free up my calendar & scale my business