Got a design and need it brought to life?

Pass over that design file and I'll handle the coding that brings life into your vision. You've worked with a designer or are a designer with professional mockups that need to be transformed into a WordPress site.

Sayir - developed by The May Creative

Instead of...

tinkering with crazy WordPress backends

you pass it over to be brought to life while you sit back and relax.

What's included

Intro meeting - We'll meet to make sure we discuss your goals for the design development. This is a great time to determine if we will be a fit to work together.

Website Development - A site built from scratch custom crafted according to your design specifications. Accessible on mobile devices and baked with recommended growth plugins to help you excel online.

Testing + Feedback - This is where I get all nerdy and technical making sure things work, such as links, responsiveness, etc. You'll also have a chance to interact with the site and provide feedback before launch.

Training - Whether I train you directly or the client we can always discuss the details. Regardless, you will know how to make site edits and updates. I am all about empowerment and making sure that you can easily manage your site.


"I had never worked with a developer before, but Karen’s development and WordPress expertise made my project much less stressful! If you don't want to focus on development & you're a designer, HIRE HER!"

-Megan Sjuts

The Process

Chat - I love to chat with all my VIP clients before we agree to work together. So we will start with an introductory conversation to make sure there is a fit.

Make It Official - If we decide you'll become one of my VIPs I'll extend a proposal & contract to you outlining our plans to make your vision come to life.

Welcome - Time to receive your welcome guide outlining your official onboarding so that we nail your experience. Then it's time to get to work so we can have a successful launch.

Previous Work

Karen - WordPress website design & development

Nice to Meet You!

Hi there! I'm Karen, the web strategist & developer behind The May Creative. I'm excited to help you custom craft an online presence that helps you grow your business, supports your goals and sells your expertise.

Through a personalized experience, we'll bring your designs together into a fully functioning and responsive website so you can make more sales and enjoy more mimosas!

This is perfect for

Business owners who have worked with a developer of their designs.

Designers or business owners who have full professional mockups.

Designers who ready to hand over development.

Questions others have asked

Which platforms do you work with?

I work with WordPress its one of the best platforms for long-term growth. 

If you are looking to create an e-commerce site I recommend either Shopify or WooCommerce depending on your business needs.

What should I have to begin working with you?

Meeting at the beginning of the design process is most ideal. Of course, that is not always the case. If you have your designs already be sure to have them ready for me to review. So I can ask questions.

Do you help with hosting?

Yes, If you need me to help with hosting let me know during our chat. So we can discuss further what is needed like transfers etc.

How do you accept designs?

I accept designs via PhotoShop, Illustrator, Adobe XD or Sketch.

Can we continue to work together afterwards?

Yes, I love working with businesses on crafting a consistent business development strategy in their business. I'd be happy to discuss a plan custom-crafted to your business.

Do you work with e-commerce?

Yes, I work with either WooCommerce or Shopify depending on the needs of your business.

I'm ready to free up my calendar & scale my business