5 Ways You Can Help Your Design Services Stand Out

Standing out is going to help you win in so many ways from improved brand positioning to being able to build better trust with clients.

It’s very important that your design services stand out so you can get more of the business that you want.

There is a ton of talent in the online space especially for designers. I’ve seen a lot of designer websites and many aren’t very different from each other, minus the branding. When you strip all the colors and pretty images the services essentially end up looking the same.

With that in mind imagine how clients feel when they are looking for a designer.

It can be tough, that is why it’s so important you stand out and not blend in.

1 | Use the language your clients use to describe their problem in your services

We relate to people more when they speak in a way that we can connect with. It helps keep our attention and makes us feel like we are being understood.

We all want to be understood because it often helps us feel valued.


Think of how your audience speaks and searches for information regarding your services. Are you using that same language in your services?

This language should be used in every consistently to describe your services, so that you can create an attraction to your services.

Quick exercise – are you using any of these industry terms in your services that you present to your clients?

  • brand style guide
  • submark
  • typography

These are all important pieces to design, but mean nothing to your clients on face value. If you were a client would you say: “Oh, I really need a brand style guide.”

Most likely not, but your client may say: “I want to appear consistent online.”

Can you see the difference? Cool, let’s go to the next tip.

2 | Create services that meets your clients at different points of their journey

Unless you are super specific in who you work with, your clients are getting in touch with you at different points in their journey.

A client that has less experience is going to be very different from a client who is more established. Approaching either will be very different so your services should be different for each.

The less experience client may need more services that will get them started. Whereas a more establish business owner may be confident they know the next step, like working with you on establishing a professional brand.

Think of services you can create for clients who are newer – maybe templated designs, downloadable graphics, etc.

More establish clients may want more services that solves a bigger problem – i.e course design, membership design, etc.

Can you create services for your audience based on what stage they are in?

3 | Provide strategy before starting the project

What does your client on boarding process look like? Do you schedule a discovery call then shortly after send them a proposal to work with you?

If we turned the tables a bit, what would happen if you offered strategy before agreeing to work on a bigger project together?

I know your thinking what…

Yep, you read right, offer strategy to your clients before you sign them on for a bigger project. Plus charge for it!

Yes, some designers do this and are successful, let me tell you why.

Have you ever had a client come to you stating they need a design, website, etc. You hop on the call and do your best to figure out their problems and concerns, so you can write the proposal and win the project.

Well, sometimes clients need expert advice (from you) to have a clearer understanding of what they want to achieve.

By charging a small fee compared to your full design services you & the potential client get an opportunity to really hash out ideas without feeling like it’s a big investment.

How is this more valuable?

By having a clearer picture of solving your potential clients problem you position yourself as the solution.

Solutions get hired.

Plus pricing and all the other obstacles shrink and value wins.

4 | Stop presenting your services as a commodity

If you are doing this, first don’t feel bad. You’re most likely not aware it’s happening.

Here are some signs you may be presenting your services as a commodity.

If your services are presented in a menu style similar to Design Studios A & B, it may look like this:

Design Studio A | Brand & Web Design

  • Logo
  • Submark
  • Brand Style Guide
  • 5 pages
  • etc.

Price: $1500

Design Studio B | Brand & Web Design

  • Logo
  • Submark
  • Brand Style Guide
  • 8 pages
  • etc.

Price: $1500

As an end client looking for services even though each studio is great. Which studio would you choose? Design Studio B gives me more for the same price. That is the only thing setting them apart, the value is lost and it becomes a buyers market.

Instead present your services as a solution to a common problem your clients face.

Let’s rework this and see if we can make this better…

Design Studio Services

  • You’ll walk away with a solid visual presence that attracts your ideal customers.
  • Your customers will be able to easily book calls with you so you can help them faster.
  • Stand out confidently online with a website you can manage on your own.

Now, doesn’t that sound a lot better?

[bctt tweet=”Lead your services with the intended value you expect to achieve for your clients.” username=”themaycreative”]

5 | Offer custom solutions that are unique to your clients business

As a designer you have the amazing ability to use design to solve a problem.

If a business owner is struggling to book more speaking gigs you can make it easy for them get speaking engagements, etc by designing a better booking system.

When you are able to offer custom solutions through design then you stand out. Especially to business owners ready to really take it to next level.

You can offer this service through custom design, designing from a blank canvas and really stand out. You can also let your clients know that you are able to design a website or brand that doesn’t look like anyone else.

Positioning your services as solving real business problems instead of just showcasing the deliverables helps your potential clients to see the value in what you offer.

Can you think of a way you can help your design services stand out more? I’m curious share it below then link to your service page!

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