Custom Crafted Website

Custom web development thats easy to manage, baked for growth & crafted with you in mind.


It's time to craft a flawless online experience that matches your vision. The templated designs were great when you were getting started but now you need an experience that matches the direction of your business growth. Now it's time for a site made just for you and your business.

Custom Crafted + Built Solid

your website needs strong visuals to support your vision and a great foundation to ensure it runs smoothly. Either I'll bring on a designer from my team or work with your designer to help nail your experience.

What's Included

Investment starts at $3500

  • Custom theme that is flexible & has custom functionality baked in for growth.
  • Responsiveness to ensure content is accessible on multiple devices.
  • Custom developed templates from your designer.
  • Marketing integration for social and email marketing support.
  • Custom 404 page for when your content changes.
  • Recommendation of the best tools to reach desired business outcomes.
  • One on one training so updates and changes can be easily managed.
  • Project management to manage communication and share feedback.
  • Private staging site where you'll be able to interact with the site before it goes live.

After Working Together

You'll have a site that you that you can manage without the need for a developer.

A site that grows with you and your business needs. No more limited platforms.

Know that you have a solid foundation that help support your goals.

The Process

  1. Start by sharing your project details. Then we'll set up a call to determine if we are a fit. If not I am more than happy to refer you to others who may be a better fit.
  2. If we are a fit, we'll need to find you a designer (if you don't already have one on your team). Once we have confirmed a designer I'll extend a custom proposal, contract, and invoice to you. You will need to pay a deposit to book your development spot.
  3. I'll send over your official Welcome Packet to help us get started with our collaboration!
  4. Designs - Once the designs have been finalized and signed off on its time to move onto the development phase.
  1. Development - this is where you sit back and relax, I'll be coding away and keeping you up to date each week.
  2. Testing + revising - Once ready, I'll touch base with your designer before I send the site over to you. Once your designer has approved the test site you'll have a chance to interact with the test site that's on a private server + provide feedback.
  3. Training - once we have finalized the last of the small revisions (if any) it's time to set up the training session so you'll be able to confidently make edits.
  4. Launch - After all payments have cleared its time to install and launch your site so you can continue to nail your goals!

You'll also receive...

One on one training - you'll be empowered with the knowledge to make updates to your own site so you can make updates when needed.

Plus you are welcome to sign up for a monthly Maintenance Plan so you can continue to rock your business without all the tech drama!

Fabulous Experience & Nailed My Vision!

Micah White

I enjoyed Everything about working with Karen! Karen understood me and my vision and NAILED IT. Karen is very professional and cares about her client and their experience with her.

- Micah White

Brought my designs to life!

Sonya Forrest

Karen was great to work with! She helped me bring my designs to life and whatever I threw her way she could handle! I definitely recommend working with her!

- Sonya Forrest

Designed What I Wanted Without Limits!

Emily M

What I enjoyed the most about working with Karen was it was nice to be able to design exactly as I wanted without being limited by my own knowledge of web development.

- Emily MacKenzie

Questions others have asked

How soon should I get in contact?

Definitely the earlier the better, so we can address any questions that may come up.

Sounds good what's the investment?

For development only (doesn't include design fees) the investment starts at $3500.

Payment plans are available and can be discussed during our call.

What are revisions like?

Revisions typically include minor edits that don't drastically alter the original designs.  

How do you accept designs?

There are so many systems out there but I work with any Adobe tools such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc. If you have another format just let me know.

How long does development usually take?

Development timeframes vary due to a few reasons such as the size of the site, features, receiving feedback on time, etc. 

On average development takes about 6 - 8 weeks.

Please allow for additional time for design if added. You'll receive a more accurate detail in your proposal after discussing the needs of your project.

How do you manage your project?

I use a project management system which you'll be invited to so that we can collaborate.

Does this include content entry?

I only add in enough content for testing. Like 3 blog post, you'll be able to easily edit your site and add in the content you need. 

If you would like for me to input content for you, I can provide you a separate quote.

Do you offer any maintenance services?

Yes, I sure do you can learn more about them at Maintenance Plans.

Tell me the details