9 Ways to Create Trust Within Your eCommerce Store

Trust & credibility, how are they related when it comes to your eCommerce store? 

Well, trust builds on credibility and vice versa…which leads to sales.

If you are reading this I am pretty sure you want to amplify your eCommerce sales. So you can reach your goals.

Let’s go over ways you can create trust within your eCommerce store. 

Make a great first impression

Starting with how you welcome your customers to your store. Making a great first impression will set the tone for how customers perceive your products. 

So why not make the best impression possible?

Sometimes it’s hard for us as business owners to see our own websites objectively. Simply because we are so close to our business. If you can put your biases aside and look at your website from the point of view of your customers. 

You’ll be able to clearly identify if you have opportunities.

Or you can simply ask someone else to take a look at your website and give you feedback. 

Making a great first impression involves several elements of your website working together. 

  • Your branding
  • Your visuals
  • Your message
  • The flow of your website
  • Plus more

Take an objective look at your site and see if things are aligned. If not it may be time for a redesign or a custom conversion plan. 

That will help you create a more customer-focused website experience for your customers.

Have an easy to navigate eCommerce store

Along the lines of making a great first impression.

Think about how easy it is to navigate your eCommerce store. Reduce any potential friction that could cause your customers to quickly click off. 

Things that can cause friction are:

  • A hard to use navigation
  • Too many call to actions on a page
  • No clear direction on what to do next
  • Color contrast issues
  • Slow loading page

Are just some of the potential friction that can cause customers to not trust that your eCommerce store is credible.  We’ve all seen websites that look unprofessional and then we quickly click off to never return. 

Don’t let that be your website. 

An easy to navigate eCommerce store will help your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience. That allows them to easily checkout and get excited to receive your amazing products. 

Inspire trust through product reviews

Have you ever been inside of Target or another store and found a product you liked? Then logged on to Amazon to see what other customers have had to say about the product?

I know I have plenty of time and I do this while shopping online from home as well.  There is something about getting insights from real customers. 

Oftentimes other customers end up sharing feedback that you couldn’t get from the product information itself. 

That makes the buying decision a lot easier.

Product reviews help other customers see true experiences. Not that your word isn’t good enough but sometimes it’s just not. 

Product reviews help reinforce your products value to others

The May Creative

I’ve had some online shop owners not want to display reviews because they didn’t want it to take away from their products. 

Or they just want to keep the style of their site very minimalistic. 

This often comes in them checking out other well-known brands and seeing that they aren’t really showing a ton of reviews. 

But what the business owner is failing to realize is … 

That the bigger brand has already put in the effort to build their trust and credibility with their customers. 

Once you’ve built your authority in your market and have consistently provided excellent products. That customers are happily returning for, you can then show up a bit different online.

And even with that extra credibility you may still want to show your product reviews so that other potential customers understand the quality of what you sell. 

As a minimalist when it comes to design myself I totally get not wanting to bombard your customers with reviews. 

I think a happy middle can be made with some nice styling that won’t make your site look like it’s being drowned out by reviews.

Showcasing reviews just adds that extra incentive for customers to complete a transaction.

Build trust via photos & video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Well, fabulous photos and video can sell millions if snapped or shot right.  Ever see an ads commercial that shows a desirable lifestyle with their product?

Whether it’s the car commercial that tells you that you deserve a luxurious life.  Or its Apple sharing how much better life will be with their products instead of without. 

You can bet they sell to our emotions and feelings through video and photos.  We all strive and are motivated by a better future version of ourselves. 

That is what you customers want when they land on your online store.  Help them envision their life with your products by using great photos and videos that show them what life can be. 

Then pull them in with your words that make them understand that it is better to have lived with your product than without.  Yes, I am being a bit dramatic but sometimes drama sells. 

Look at reality TV.

Ensure your website aesthetic is appealing

As an aesthetic queen myself it’s the beautiful things, people, and experiences in life that can make living just so much better.

Your website is no exception. As more and more merchants are rushing to build their online real estate the competition is fierce. 

More consumers will have more options to purchase goods that they potentially didn’t have access to before.  Many online stores will be selling similar products.  So how do you stand out in a busy market?

Well, there are several ways but one will be your visuals.  Yes, I know it may sound vain but our world is a visual space and your eCommerce store aesthetics is no exception. 

Visuals will be the top deciding factor of how your customers establish trust. If your store is dated it will not be celebrated by those who you want to be on your customer list. 

Remember, customers buy based on emotions, feelings, and the future version of themselves. 

They don’t want to buy the just rolled out bed look. 

Customers buy the future version of themselves... 

The May Creative

Think about your customers and what they will be attracted to and also don’t forget yourself. 

Most likely your business is an extension of you so show up in your best visual outfit. 


Your eCommerce store does create that first impression and will be marketing for you. Even when you are sleeping or off dealing with the other parts of business and life.

Make sure your site is fast

Our attention spans are definitely a lot shorter as we are used to interacting more tech devices each day. 

Plus we are processing information at a faster rate than what we were years ago.  Naturally, people want things to be fast so they can get their information and move on to the next thing. 

The same is said for your eCommerce website.  Customers want to quickly navigate through products and read information. Then make a decision on whether to checkout or leave. 

A fast website makes this process so much easier. 

Here are some ways you can speed up your eCommerce website:

  • Upload appropriately sized photos to your store.
  • If you are using a self-hosted platform like WordPress use a great premium WP host.
  • Use lightweight apps or plugins

As a web designer & developer, I often see clients want to upload their photos directly from the camera to their website. 

Which is a no no. 

Because professional photos are large in size and often are way larger than you need for your website.  Due to the large file size, your website has to download all those extra pixels to display them to your customers. 

Remember customers don’t have the patience to wait so they will leave. 

Before you upload your product photos or any image to your website. Make sure you have scaled them down to the appropriate size. Sizes will vary based on your theme or template that you are using. 

If you aren’t sure, ask the web developer about the sizes you should use. 

Don’t forget about your mobile customers

Customers love shopping via their devices.  It’s the one piece of technology that is always near them. 

So it makes sense they scour sites on their phones and tablets.  What does that mean for you? That you should validate that your online store is mobile-friendly. 

If it’s not you’ll run into the increased chances of losing potential customers who will purchase from a store that is mobile friendly.

It’s easy to get super involved in the desktop version of our websites but neglect the users who visit via smaller screens. 

When it comes to mobile, it’s at times best to not showcase everything on the screen as you would with the desktop version. 

Simply because you don’t want mobile users getting overwhelmed by information and finding themselves scrolling forever. 

Keep important information on mobile and hide the extras.

Have an easy return policy

Customers want to know if the product doesn’t fit their expectations and what type of return policy can they expect. 

You can really instill trust and credibility here by making your return policy easy to understand. 

No, I am not saying be super lax about it because each business is different. But it should be easy to understand by your customers. 

I’ve had instances where I chose not to make a purchase because the return policy didn’t make any sense. 

So make your return policy easy to understand and find.

Offer shipping incentives

Shipping can make or break your customer experience.  It’s amazing how you choose to present shipping will determine if your customers make it to checkout.

For example, offering free shipping on orders that are $50 or more. Versus someone spending $40 and paying $5 for shipping. 

Can easily make people click away LOL.

There are major studies around pricing and I recommend learning a bit more about Pricing Psychology. From how to present prices, whether the extra cents matter, etc. 

Another note on shipping when you can make sure it’s clear. That way you reduce the chances of people creating abandoned carts

There are a number of ways you can up the trust and credibility of your eCommerce store from the visuals down to the pricing structure you implement. 

Remember your customers want to have an easy to shop experience that is safe. So always think of ways you can reinforce those thoughts for your customers.

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