eCommerce Cultivated | Episode 019

How to Convert Website Visitors Into Buyers

Have you been facing the dilemma where your website traffic to your online store?

Isn’t converting to enough buyers?

Now, you’re digging deep to find out why.

In today’s episode, I go over what could be the missing element that is creating friction.

Where your customers are not making it to the checkout page. Listen in!

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Hey, everyone. Welcome back.

I am so excited to be back creating some episodes for you. I know I’ve been gone, and I definitely apologize for that. Things got busy. And next thing I know, the month had rolled by and I was like, oh, my gosh!

I was doing my monthly recap that I like to do at the beginning of every month for the previous month. And I was like, whoa, you did not create any episodes for your listeners. 

So I definitely apologize. But I’m excited to be back to talk to you today! Specifically about how you can create more of an experience in your online store so that your customers feel comfortable becoming actual buyers.

Because I get this question a lot, and that is:

How Can I Convert More Of My Website Visitors Into Actual Paying Customers?

And, so I want to talk a bit more about that in today’s episode just so that you have an idea of how you can begin that transformation to getting those customers to the checkout lines. If that’s what you are wanting to know. Definitely keep listening.

All right. So, maybe you have experienced this where you were checking your site analytics.

You see that you have all this traffic on your site. You see people are looking at specific product pages and you’re getting excited and you’re anticipating that so many people are going to actually make it to the checkout line.

And so you step away and you come back a few moments later and you see that you don’t have the sales that you expected and you’re wondering what’s going on.

Maybe it’s happened one time, but if it’s continuously happening, you start to think, oh, my gosh, there is a problem and you start to really analyze what is going on that is causing people not to take that next step and to take action.

Whether you are new to business, whether you are more experienced or even more established, I want to talk to you about this situation that happens regardless of whatever stage you are in. And, how you can begin to transform it into a more profitable experience inside of your own business. 

Assess How You Are Explaining and Showcasing Your Products

The thing is that you have to assess how you are explaining and showcasing your products.

Are you giving people just the information that they need, like specific product specs, and then expecting them to understand it and make it to the checkout page?

Or are you creating a want or a desire for your products that encourages them to actually take that next step and make it to the checkout?

The reason why I ask this, is because you have to understand a little bit about how consumers are in their shopping behaviors and how it works.

When we are shopping for things in our lives, we are usually shopping from an emotional state or a state of desire where we want some sort of future outcome unless it is something essential like water, food, and things like that.

We are more future-focused and thinking about how if we had this item in our life, it would improve our future state. It would make us look a certain way. It will make us feel a certain way. It will give us a certain type of experience.

And if you are just sharing your products and showcasing them, with just specific facts about the products, it’s probably not inspiring your customers to actually want to put that in their cart unless it’s something very specific.

Like I said, something that’s essential.

Tell a Story With Your Brand

So think about the type of story that you are telling with your visuals… with the words that you’re using. Whether that is in your product titles, in your product descriptions, the copy on your website.

Is it telling a story that’s going to help influence and encourage someone to take the next step?

Think about a company that you love. Are they selling you on the features or are they selling you on an experience?

Now, I like to say that my studio talks about and helps you with your experience because the experience is what influences customers to actually love your products and actually become raving fans.

Let’s take an example. Think about Apple.

Apple sells certain types of products. Now, if we go down to the basics of what those products are, it’s a computer. It’s a tablet. It’s a digital watch. It’s. All these little digital things and other companies actually sell those products, too, but how Apple tells their story about their products is what makes it different. 

Like you would never have Apple say you need this digital watch and this is all the specific features and it has all these blah, blah, blah, all those super high tech descriptions

If they just went ahead and started marketing that, consumers would be turned off and be like, oh, it’s just watch.

But how Apple tells a story about, for example, their Apple Watch is that it’s a tool that you could use to help improve your health.

You could track your health stats. You can improve your performance as an athlete. If you have a loved one that’s potentially facing medical concerns, you can have that Apple Watch be a tool they could use to reach out for assistance in case they’re alone and something happens.

It can help them contact the emergency or contact help. It’s a way for people to improve their life. And then they take that story and they just position their watch as the solution. 

And that creates a desire for the consumer to say, yeah, I need that in my life. Like if something happened to somebody that I care about, I would want them to have all the necessary tools that they could potentially need and, help keep them here.

Like, that’s pretty major.

Another example, if the consumer wants to lose weight. They could be thinking: “Well, yeah, I want to lose weight. I want to drop 30 pounds. So I like this cool little gadget. I’m just going to go get me a watch because then I could track my calories, my steps, and things like that.”

Think about the type of story that your brand is telling about your products.

And when you begin to tell the story of how your products can help somebody transform their life, that is when they become your customers, that is when they become your raving fan.

If you need additional inspiration, just look at some of your favorite brands that you regularly purchase from even when you go into Target. How many times have you gone into Target and you end up coming out with more than you anticipated? It’s because they’ve strategically placed things a certain way in a certain type of environment that encourages you to shop, that encourages you to feel like, oh my gosh, this would look so cute in my house.

Oh my gosh, this will look so cute as an outfit item, all these things. And next thing, you have a cart full of stuff that you didn’t anticipate that you needed, even though you just went in there with a list of like five things. You come out with more than you anticipate it is because they’ve created this experience that fosters a desire of their products. And so think about all the brands that you love and how you feel when you actually get to purchase them.

And if you keep returning to that brand, it’s because they are selling you on an experience.

And so that is one way that you can create that same type of process and experience in your own business is through creating a desire. Think about what your customers want.

What is it that influences them to actually make a purchase? And if you have existing customers, you can look at some of the reviews that they leave you. And if you haven’t collected any reviews, I would suggest that you send out a small survey, ask them what inspires them to keep returning to you. What is it about your products that makes them fall in love?

Get Feedback From Your Customers

And then as you get that feedback, use that feedback that you received as copy in your marketing.

You can use it as copy on your website to help influence other customers to be more like them. And so you start to build your community of customers that fall in love with your product and then also become raving fans for your brand.

I know for me, when I have potential clients that come into my business and they say, oh, I want a new website, I want a fresh brand.

I want all these things. Yes. Those are things that they want. But what they truly are going after is:

  • An increase in sales.
  • More customers that are coming into their business.
  • They want to expand their market. 

They want all of these things. They just want this tool such as, a brand or a website to help facilitate that.

But my job as the person that’s going to guide them through that experience is to help them see their vision. And then I provide them with the necessary tools that they need to attain that vision. I don’t sell them on. This is the feature that you are going to get with your website, like that doesn’t really matter, because first, everybody is different. But what it is that they want in a long term big picture is to have a successful business that runs on autopilot for them and that has a system built in that repeats.

That is one of the services that I offer to my clients because that is something that they need, but I’m not selling that.

I’m selling them based on what they want and desire, which is an increase in sales conversion, which is an increase in how their customers are experiencing their business and brand so that they keep coming back for more and they fall in love with them.

And then they become raving fans that love to talk about their business, their brand, and then bring in additional customers into their business and create that bigger brand awareness.

And so think about what your customers are really, really wanting.

And if you are struggling with coming up with the solution or answer to that, I highly recommend that you do market research about what your ideal customers are wanting and then looking at how they are speaking about certain things that are important to them. Where are they hanging out online? What types of products or brands do they already love?

Just really understanding their mindset and how they are making purchases. Because that’s going to be really helpful to you and help you be able to articulate and translate those types of insights into your own business. And then they’ll be attracted to that. And then once they actually land on your website, they’ll understand that you know them. That will help build trust and then increase the chance that they’re going to actually become customers.

Then you’ll have to win them on the overall experience through your customer service, through your products, so that they become returning customers and also turn into raving fans.

Hopefully, that makes sense.

If it doesn’t or even if you have questions, you can always hit me up on Instagram, just DM me @themaycreative.

And I’ll be happy to chat with you and talk more about this. But that is one way that you can begin that transformation to turning those website visitors into customers. And that is just to simply stop presenting the product specifics, but start to create a desire or want with your product that influences your customer’s future state, that inspires them to want to have your products as a solution to whatever is going on in their life.

Create A Desire That Positions Your Products As the Solution

It doesn’t have to be a big problem or even a minor problem. It could just because they want to look good or they want to feel good. Just think about all those emotional elements that consumers have.

And even if you are struggling with that, you can think about what influences yourself to actually make a purchase.

Like I’ve bought stuff that I didn’t need. But I was like, you know what? That would look cute. That would look cute in my place. That would look cute in the kitchen, or that would be a cute little purse accessory because it makes me feel happy.

It makes me feel inspired. It makes me feel luxe, it makes me feel a certain type of way. So think about all of those things that could be the same for your customers and then start to sprinkle it into your brand. OK, just sprinkle it in there and then continue to tell your story and build that brand awareness.

Then you’ll start to have that community of customers that will be returning because only you have your own story. No other brand has another story exactly like yours. And if you continuously tell your own story, people will start to recognize and then correlate you and your brand to something that they feel is relatable or understood.

They’ll be returning to you because how many times has Apple released the same type of product with just minor modifications? And we, me specifically, keep returning for more. We are like, oh my gosh, that’s all great.

I’m like it’s the same phone people, but whatever, we’re indoctrinated. LOL

Get In Touch

Hopefully, this is helpful. If you have any specific questions, I would love to chat with you.

If you want to talk about building your own brand, messaging your own brand positioning, you can definitely get in touch with me.

I would be happy to see if you are a fit for one of my experiences to help you understand how you can better connect with your audience, better connect with their customers so that you can increase your sales and starts and bring in those types of customers that you really, really adore what you’re offering and selling.

So. Thank you so much for tuning in. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and leave a review and I will get with you guys in our next episode.

Thank you for tuning into today’s episode. If you’re ready to elevate your eCommerce brand so that you can scale your growth and ditch overwhelm, go to and grab your complimentary guide that gives you tips to increase your sales conversion.

I will catch you in our next episode.

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