Should You Be Blogging For Business?

Blogging started as a way for people to write content to share with friends and family. Like a digital diary, people began to interact and engage through writing, eventually leading to attracting like-minded people from around the world.

In fact, I started my first blog back in 2009 – 2010 and it was the inspiration for me to start my business.

The way we interact with blogs has changed over time but blogging is still relevant to anyone looking for written answers through search. Whether its an entertainment blog or informational blog they come in a variety of styles and levels of engagement.

One question that business owners face is if they should be blogging for business? Or more so is blogging going to bring me more clients and customers.

Before we dive into exploring the topic lets clearly define what is blogging for business.

What is Blogging for Business?

Blogging for business is creating content centered around information that your audience would find valuable to read and help solve problems that they may be facing.

By blogging consistently for your business you are building a marketing channel to help build traffic to your website for business growth.

[bctt tweet=”By blogging consistently for your business you are building a marketing channel to help build traffic to your website for business growth.” via=”no”]

With the goal to convert that traffic into customers that buy from you and establish your authority in an industry.

The Benefits of Blogging For Business

Blogging in your business has some major benefits such as…

Increased organic traffic to your website

You can use other channels for website traffic such as social media but relying on that alone is risky. When you blog you can create quality content & establish good SEO practices to help people find your business.


Answer your ideal audience question in the form of a blog post along with SEO keywords. If Google finds that your content is helpful they will help it get seen by those that search for the answers to their questions.

Google is the #1 traffic source to my website. I write content that answers questions that people are looking for.

You’ll want to drive traffic to an online real estate that you own such as your website and not social media. Just in case algorithms change, an app goes down or they choose to delete your account all together without cause (cough Instagram).

Businesses That Blog Get A Higher Number Of Leads

Think about it you are searching for an answer to a problem you have and you stumble across a post that perfectly answers your question.

You’re thrilled to finally solve your problem and you realize that the site has some other awesome content. As you read you begin to wonder about what other solutions they can provide you with. So you check out their services or products and find another great solution.

Next thing you know you are submitting some information and happy to have found a great service or product.

That, in a nutshell, that is how blogging can increase the number of leads into your business.

In fact:  “Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising.” (Source)

Blogging In Your Business Helps Establish Authority

When you are consistently creating content around related topics that help your audience. You are building a resource bank of information, that your audience can turn to for information.

For example, you could answer the most commonly asked question through a written blog post. That you can easily refer others to or share within an email list.

If you position the content correctly via SEO you can use the free traffic of Google to help position your content as a top resource to your audience question.

Writing consistently on a topic or to an audience you are passionate about serving naturally will position your business as an authority.

Should You Be Blogging For Business?

You’ve clearly read the benefits BUT honestly blogging is not for everyone.

Yep, I said it! Here is why…

You might not even like writing and if you struggle there is no way you are going to consistently write content for your audience.

You probably started blogging and stopped last year or a few years ago and have been trying to force yourself to start again.

Don’t feel bad maybe writing is not your thing, the great news is that there is more than one way to create content to drive traffic to your business.

You have other options such as video content (YouTube which is owned by Google), there is also audio content (hello podcasting) and other creative methods you can use.

My advice is to pick a content marketing method you feel naturally drawn to and focus on creating quality content for your audience using that format. Just be consistent and provide value and you will start to see the fruits of your hard work.

[bctt tweet=”Pick a content marketing method you feel naturally drawn to and focus on creating quality content for your audience using that format.” via=”no”]

But if you do decide that you enjoy the written format and you can provide value to your audience through written word. Maximize your hard work by using resources like Google to help build traffic to your website.

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