Back to The Basics In Business

One piece that I truly miss from my blog is the personal touch, you know the real moments.

So before we head into a New Year I felt it was important that I add a bit of personality to this space.

I’ve spent the last few months writing what I thought would be most helpful to my audience. While I do agree it’s great to write about business related topics, etc. It can become a bit stuffy and just boring at times.

I want my business to feel more like a community of people, that like me value purpose and truly want the best for people.

Let’s figure this out together shall we?

So it’s back to the basics, not a fresh start but you know a new journey.

I wrote my first blog post online in 2008 and I remember feeling like: “Oh my God, now the world is going to judge me and laugh” AND “What if my friends and family find out, I know I am going to get a lot of crap for this.”

You know what, I kept my blog and online space hidden for 2 years.


Eventually it would come out and guess what no one really cared. I mean they thought it was cool but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Years later, the blog I was embarrassed to share would spark an idea in me that I could live a life different than what I knew.

I know you’re thinking how does all of this relate to getting back to the basics in business?

Well I think sometimes, in fact I know that eventually when you are growing a business you can get lost. You forget why you started at times and compare yourself, like crazy, to other people.

If we all just thought back to the excitement of getting our first client or customer and how thrilled we were when someone said: Yes! I want to purchase that from you or work with you!

It is often in that moment that the belief in yourself grows and inspires you to pursue a passion no matter what it is.

Can you think back to your first client or customer? How did you feel?

Some of us still work with that person till today. Those moments and feelings, to me is what business is about.

The excitement of establishing a relationship and trading a talent to help someone else.

So yes, as we approach the end of the year I will and am already putting things in place to get back to the basics.

One of those changes is how my site is organized. I value simplicity, modern and classic styles but my site annoyed me.

If I am to be honest, it felt like how the pros told me it should be organized.

While yes depending on the goals of your business some of the advice is true. I didn’t need a million pages just to direct someone to reading a post or working with me.

Currently, I am testing out an almost one page layout, why? Because it makes sense to me at this moment.

Having an about page and several service pages, just seemed overwhelming. So I broke the mold and killed them off.

My site is just one area where simplicity is occurring. It is also happening with my systems, which to be honest are quite good. Thanks Dubsado!

As a developer, order is my jam and it makes it super easy for people to work with me.

Also, when things are simple, the noise doesn’t win. I mean how many times this year have you…

Lost your “why” and started doing what you heard others say like…

“You need to be on Instagram, posting X times a day”

“You need to do webinars, they will sell out your services”

“You need to blog it will get you traffic to your site”

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

While I agree those things are true, it doesn’t work for everybody.

Guess what, that is ok.

You don’t have to do business like everyone else, in fact I encourage you not to, break from the mold and simply “do you.”

I could go on forever about this, but think about what you have going on right now. Today…this moment, is there anything you want to simplify? Let go of? Let me know, I am curious to hear what is on your mind.

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