How to Add A New User to WordPress

Ever needed to add a new user to your WordPress site? One of the great benefits of using WordPress is the flexibility it provides when you need to expand your site others.

Adding a new user to your site is easy! Creating a new user account allows the person to have their own access. Depending on what user level you set that person as, you can control how much control you are giving them to navigate your site. The highest level of access you can give someone your site admin.

Admin users can do everything to a WordPress site. Create content, add users, delete users etc. If you have a situation where you need to bring on a developer this is the route to go. Otherwise, other user roles may be more practical such as an editor or contributor. I’ll touch on those in a later post but for now, let’s create a new user!

1 | Head to Your Dashboard

On the backend of your WordPress head to your dashboard and on the left you should see a label called “Users”

2 | Add a User

After clicking users, click “Add New”

3 | Setup User Information

Make up a username for the person you are creating an account for.

  • Input the person’s email address (this is important as WordPress will send them information regarding their new account to this address)
  • Enter the user’s name.
  • Password – leave this alone WordPress will ask the user to set their own password later.
  • Make sure you have the “Send User Notification” box checked so that the user can get their notification to finish setting up their account.
  • Role – assign the appropriate role
  • Finally, click “Add New User”

That’s it your new user will receive an email regarding completing the setup of their new account.

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