5 Books to Kick Your Mindset Into Action for Your Business

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Running a business takes a lot of work, and it’s mostly mental. If you don’t have enough belief in your abilities to successfully help others, you will ultimately struggle. One way I kick my mindset into order is through books. There are some great ones that will give you a prep talk to move forward. I am sharing with you 5 books to kick your mindset into action for your business.

This is in no particular order of importance they all have great value! Before I dive in, I want to encourage you to make sure you are reading, especially as an entrepreneur. Even if it’s 10mins in the morning, not only that, make sure what you are reading is going to improve your life in some way.

Since I’ve started back implementing books into my life and business. My mindset is stronger and I have so much clarity on what needs to happen next. So without further ado, let’s jump in!

You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero

When I first saw this book, the catchy title grabbed my attention plus the color. At the time I had very little faith it was going to share with me any “magical” content I didn’t already know. The statement is accurate “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, between Jen’s relatable approach to writing and making me laugh. She drops some gems that we all need to hear often. For example, ditch the self-depreciating humor… you know when someone compliments you and you blow it off with a negative statement. Like oh “I’m not that great.” Though it may seem like a harmless statement, it’s a belief you share about yourself.

One thing I know about beliefs is they love showing up at the worse moments. It’s like they try to shine and grab the spotlight. Because they will be the first one to tell you oh remember you said: “you weren’t that great.”

Jen challenges you to think differently about yourself and your approach to life. So definitely grab this book and give it read not just once either. Highlight, make notes and ask yourself important questions.

Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes

Are you the type of person who will come up with multiple reasons why you shouldn’t or couldn’t do something? Like maybe a friend invites you to an event and you decide to say no. Well, Year of Yes is about agreeing to say: “yes” even to the things that make you uncomfortable. Shonda takes us on her journey of saying yes to opportunities she would have said no to previously. What she discovers changes her life. I’m pretty sure you can only imagine how much her life has changed since you see her everywhere today.

Whether you face a situation where you have been invited to speak or lead, say: “Yes” and see what happens. Need more encouragement? Then grab this book and apply it to your business. Even if you agree to something you absolutely have no idea how to do, remember life is directing you to where you want to go.

5 Second Rule – Mel Robbins

First, I love a blunt and bold personality, and Mel’s got it! She tells it like it is, and she shares her own genuine experiences. Not a client or customer, but her own story. Mel takes us through her journey of struggle and how it got her nowhere close to her goals. So she changed things around, giving herself on 5 seconds to decide. 5 seconds to get out the bed, 5 seconds to make that call you have been holding off on. Things like that. What she found is that forcing yourself to do something, creates the action you need to accomplish your goals.

How many times have you let self-doubt creep in and you just sit there not taking action? But you have these amazing ideas and goals that just aren’t happening because you’re stuck?! Well, if you want to get unstuck and light some fire under your feet, this book is for you! Especially as a business owner who has to make multiple decisions throughout the day.

Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Definitely is about the journey, and the entrepreneurial one is definitely a journey. Santiago sets off to find a special treasure he believes is out there for him. Through the journey, he faces various situations that test him and strengthens him. Raise your hand if you can relate to that!

I don’t want to share too much of the story because I believe whoever reads it will find their own takeaway. What I want to focus on is the power of trusting yourself and knowing that you are making the right decisions. That you don’t have to look all over the place to find what you need. As business owners, we can quickly consume information. From following what our peers are doing to wondering if we should do that new marketing trend. At the end of the day, trusting yourself to make the right decisions will be very important.

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Now, this is for those of you that are ready to really kick some mindset butt! This is one of the first books sharing the Law of Attraction before the Secret, etc. In this book, you get a look at how the laws work for money, wealth, etc. I first came across this book after discovering Bob Proctor on YouTube. I could do a whole other post on this man! Bob kept referencing this book throughout his presentations, and so I had to grab it. Bob teaches you about mindset and the subconscious mind, which he learned a lot from this book.

Your subconscious mind is super powerful it does things without you even knowing. For example, when you’re driving and the light turns green and you automatically drive. How many times have actually paid attention to the light turning green? You don’t! That’s your subconscious mind taking control. You can only imagine how powerful it is to know how to control your mind not only in business but in life.

Reading through these books I’ve mentioned will help you get your mindset in order. You will need to reference them often because you have to always keep your mind strong. Especially when you’re running a business and making powerful decisions.

Let me know what books you are loving to help kick your mindset into gear. I love discovering new ones!


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